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Why Peach

More Patience To Employees.

With just 5-10 minutes of Peach meditation a day, you’ll practice patience, compassion and deep listening to effectively work with your employees, team and peers.

Increased Positivity 

A brighter day with just a few minutes of quick and easy-to-do meditation. Peach gives you centered and refreshed mind so you can operate most optimally.

Significantly Less Burnout.

Frequent stress causes burnout. Peach helps you release stress each time you encounter it. Follow thousands of Peach’s users who have seen an improved mood and sleep after just 7 days!

Increased Productivity

Each minute you meditate with Peach gives you back hours of fresh and positive energies to go with your day.

Designed to be the simplest path to mindfulness.

Meet All The Features That Make It Possible…

  • Guided Meditations To Get Your Work-Life Well-covered
    Be guided through a variety of topics of your work-life such as: Improving Sleep. Managing imbalance. Gaining back what you’ve missed with family and personal life, Dealing with people’s conflicts, etc,… Whichever area of life you need, Peach gets you covered.

  • Start Each Day With A New Meditation
    You’ll no longer need to manually search for meditation tracks. The meditations are selected based on your progress and current life situation to guide you on the path to joy and mindfulness. Just put your headphones, and follow the guided meditation.

  • Daily Reminder
    Once you get started with Peach, your days will always start with a positive mood and end with relaxation. That’s because Peach will email when it’s time to meditate – so you won’t forget to meditate.

  • Membership Board
    After each day, you can still access the past meditations through a membership board. Whenever you need to meditate, you can access them quickly and easily.

  • 100+ Bonus Tracks
    In addition to your daily meditations, you also gain access to 100+ tracks of meditation music and binaural beats. Each of the tracks is designed to clear up mind fog and help the brain relax.

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