21 09, 2021

The zero dollar cure to depression


When we are depressed, the feeling that we often encounter is boredom. There are regular moments when nothing seems interesting or uplifting. You are regularly in a melodramatic state of mind, always looking for stimuli, something delightful. You [...]

The zero dollar cure to depression2021-09-21T23:16:48-05:00
15 07, 2021

How to transform your view on negative emotions


Sometimes rumination runs in your mind when you make a mistake, causing you to feel like a failure. You wanted to act confident, but instead cringed when someone called your name to stand up. And you blame yourself [...]

How to transform your view on negative emotions2021-07-15T08:29:37-05:00
30 06, 2021

How to focus during meditation?


One common issue when you first start out meditating is it is hard to get the mind to stay still during the period of the meditation. Whether the meditation is guided or unguided, in the first minutes [...]

How to focus during meditation?2021-06-30T23:55:56-05:00
23 06, 2021

Ask yourself if your anxiety is worth the battle.


Sometimes, it’s easy for us to let our emotions control us and lead us down an emotional vortex. It starts with a thought about lunch, then another one follows about an email that you need to send afterwards, [...]

Ask yourself if your anxiety is worth the battle.2021-06-23T00:32:42-05:00
13 06, 2021

A technique to stay emotionally balanced.


Last  week, we talked about how in order to start fresh everyday, we need to let go of our emotional memory of past events. This week, we are giving you a technique to relieve your emotional reactions to [...]

A technique to stay emotionally balanced.2021-06-13T21:58:13-05:00
18 05, 2021

The Zen Habit of Stillness


You probably have friends and acquaintances who are always rushing about and complaining about their lack of alone time. Maybe they don't even say anything about it because they don't know any other way to be. Every [...]

The Zen Habit of Stillness2021-06-06T18:44:46-05:00
6 04, 2021

How to Meditate Even if You’re Fidgety and Stiff


Do you want to meditate, but have trouble sitting still? For many adults, the most difficult part of meditation is finding a comfortable position. Maybe your legs start to ache or perhaps you shift around frequently. Either [...]

How to Meditate Even if You’re Fidgety and Stiff2021-06-06T18:37:06-05:00
16 03, 2021

How to be happy: The Art of Non-reaction


Thoughts. We have them all the time. When you remember you have to call your mom. When you feel guilty over not having called her for a while. When you make the decision to pick up the [...]

How to be happy: The Art of Non-reaction2021-06-06T18:37:54-05:00


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