21 Day Mind Renewal

The simplest way to form a life-changing habit of calm and happiness.

Start And End Your Day In A Good Mood

In the next 21 days and beyond.

10 Minutes A Day

Learn how to meditate. Easy to follow steps.
Be guided to go from beginner to intermediate
and advanced levels.

Mindfulness Experience

Listen anywhere Meditation stories + Relaxing music.
Designed to enlighten your day with great energy.

Sleep Stories

Nowhere else would you find the same stories.
Meditation techniques combined with sleep-inducing binaural beats.
Clear up thoughts and ease into sleep… effortlessly.

After just 7 days


of our users saw an improvement on their mood and behaviors.


of our users saw an improvement in their sleep quality.

How it works

Get the mind cleanse.

You’ll get 21 meditations plus bonus sleep stories to cleanse and detox your mind.

Pick a date

Select the date to start the mind cleanse.
Then each day, receive your meditation and sleep stories delivered in your text messages.


Simple, refreshing, purifying mediations to start your day in a good mood.
And relaxing sleep stories to get you into better sleep at night.

What To Expect

A sneak peek in to 21 days.
7 Days Topic
Day 1 Cut Out Distractions
Day 2 Quiet The Noise In Your Head
Night 2 Relax and ease into the night
Day 3 Building Resilience
Day 4 Cultivating Compassion
Night 4 Unwind for better sleep
Day 5 Unrolling Feelings
Day 6 Dealing With Negativity
Night 6 Freeing up thoughts
Day 7 Develop habits and achieve results
Night 7 Celebration of the first week!
Week 2 Review and deepen the practice from Week 1
Week 3 Learn how to be here and now. Eliminate stress. Improve focus.

Develop habits and achieve results.

Program end Celebration and tips on continuing mindfulness in life.

Sitting Meditation – Day 1