The Ultimate Mind Renewal
That Forever Reverses Aging From Stress.

Here are 5+ reasons why you should continue to meditate daily.

Meditation Activates The Body’s Relaxation Response

Sleep better, like a log

Meditation Cancels Out Anxious Brainwaves

Meditation Elevates Feel-Good Endorphins

Meditation Centers The Wandering & Distracted Mind

Meditation Spring Loads The Brain’s Focus

Never miss a meditation

Sent To You

Through text messages.
So you’re more likely to do it.

Selected For You

10-minute sessions.
Skip the scroll and overwhelm of apps.

Better Every Day

Our sessions are personalized to progress with you day by day.
Go deeper, get better.

Live Personal Coaching

Monthly LIVE coaching with Quyen Balter to ensure your success with meditation.

Center the wandering mind

Don’t worry if your mind wanders. You’ll learn how to pull your mind back even if it’s very distracted.

Slow down racing thoughts

Learn the time-tested methods to cope with thoughts during meditation so you’ll be more in control.

Get better sleep.

If you struggle to fall asleep or get back to sleep, this monthly coaching will help deepen your relaxation skills to get sound sleep.

Make meditation part of your daily routine.

Get daily guidance on how to make time for meditation.

Get your meditation plan adjusted as you progress.

How long should you meditate for? What other mind and body activities should you do? Talk to your coach during these monthly private sessions.

People love us

I like the idea of getting the meditation through text messages. It meets me where I am! 

Leslie, Business Owner

Love its simplicity, the music, the bell. And the 10 minutes version are just perfect for me every morning. 


The bonus meditation is really soothing, it’s wonderful. It comes like a hug, a gift at the end of the day.

Judy, Retired consultant

Pick your option


  • Daily meditation.
  • Bonus sleep stories
  • 24/7 ON-DEMAND meditation
  • 1 Private Coaching Session Monthly


  • Daily meditation.
  • Bonus sleep stories
  • 24/7 ON-DEMAND meditation
  • 1 Private Coaching Session Monthly
  • SAVE 30%.