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What if I am not satisfied?

We want to guarantee your satisfaction and that you get the maximum benefits of our meditation. So if at any time you are not satisfied with our program, just tell us and we’ll be happy to provide you [...]

What if I am not satisfied?2020-10-13T12:48:52-05:00

How is my meditation path selected?

Your meditation path is selected based on your level of experience with meditation. This is based on how long you have meditated. Your path is also tailored to a particular goal you want to achieve with meditation, such [...]

How is my meditation path selected?2020-10-13T12:49:18-05:00

How do I get started?

Once you purchase your subscription, the daily meditation sessions will be sent to you right on the next day. You can select the time when you want to receive the meditation and whether you want to receive our [...]

How do I get started?2020-10-13T12:49:25-05:00

How do I receive my meditations?

All of your meditations are sent through text messages. No app installation. Simply click on the link in the texts and meditate.

How do I receive my meditations?2020-10-13T12:49:30-05:00

What do I get with my subscription?

A 10-minute meditation session selected for you, sent to you everyday.  One sleep story sent to you every other night. (20 - 30 minutes). Access to a  coach to help you ease out the challenges in your meditation [...]

What do I get with my subscription?2020-10-13T12:49:35-05:00


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