Obsidian Buddha Focus Pendant Necklace

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This beautiful necklace has been carefully handcrafted by small artisans living in a Tibetan village. It will be of great help in all areas requiring deep concentration. Black Obsidian was not chosen at random. This very powerful stone has been known for millennia to be an active shield against the many negative energies that surround us on a daily basis. It is famous for absorbing pain and trauma. It is a liberating stone.

Through Buddha, values such as compassion, altruism, and benevolence are conveyed. It symbolizes the end of suffering through the extinction of desires and the attainment of Nirvana. By extension, it is associated with happiness and peace.

It does not take a Buddhist to fall in love with our black Obsidian Buddha carved necklace. Wear this stunning necklace to shield the negative energies around you, and let your natural abilities shine.

Black Obsidian Stone

Black Obsidian is a very powerful stone. It is a protective stone and a powerful shield against the negative energies and harmful influences of others (like a mirror, it returns the energy of malicious people against themselves).

It is a stone of reality attached to the earth, it gives access to knowledge and truth and drives out illusions, myths and fantasies, favoring concentration during meditative research.

Acting physically as well as spiritually, his black color gives him an advanced degree of consciousness. Renowned for absorbing pain and trauma, it is a liberating stone.


  • Polished black Obsidian stone.
  • Approximate length ranges from 12.6in to 16in | 32cm to 42cm.

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