Tibetan Copper Luck & Protection Bracelet Set

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Step into the world of ancient wisdom and timeless protection with our Tibetan Hand Braided Copper Bracelet Set. Crafted with care and devotion, these bracelets come in a stunning shade of red that symbolizes not only luck but also the vibrant energy of life.

Key Features:

1. Ancient Tibetan Tradition: Our bracelets are a testament to the centuries-old Tibetan tradition of crafting jewelry believed to bring good fortune, healing, and protection.

2. Hand-Braided Copper: The use of copper isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about tapping into its unique properties. Copper is believed to promote healing and amplify energy. It’s a metal associated with warmth, vitality, and conductivity.

3. Luck and Positivity: The rich red color is synonymous with luck and positive energy. It’s a reminder to embrace life’s opportunities and to attract good fortune into your life.

4. Healing and Protection: Copper, in Tibetan culture, is thought to have healing and protective properties. It’s believed to keep negative energies at bay and promote physical well-being.

5. Adjustable and Versatile: These bracelets are designed to fit most wrist sizes and can be adjusted for your comfort. Wear them individually or stack them for a powerful statement.

6. Meaningful Gift: These Tibetan hand-braided copper bracelets make for atax rates meaningful gift. Whether for yourself or a loved one, they carry with them the rich heritage of Tibetan culture.

7. Energy Amplifiers: Copper is known to enhance the properties of other crystals and stones, making these bracelets a great companion for your crystal collection.

Embrace the power of tradition, protection, and healing with our Tibetan Hand Braided Copper Bracelet Set. Let them adorn your wrists as a reminder of the ancient wisdom that continues to inspire and guide us today.


    • Handmade lucky Tibetan bracelet.
    • Natural energy.
    • Copper beads are shaped differently to form a beautiful design.
    • An adjustable size that comes in vibrant red/green color.
    • Length is 5.9in-10.6in | 15cm-27cm and adjustable

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