“Calming The Overactive Mind” Opal Bracelet Set


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Discover the Tranquility of our Opal “Calming The Overactive Mind” Bracelet Set – Embrace Peace and Harmony Within!

Our Opal “Calming The Overactive Mind” Bracelet Set is carefully designed to help you find inner peace and absorb negative emotions, bringing a soothing sense of calm to an overactive mind. With a powerful combination of healing gemstones, this set offers a perfect sense of balance, high vibrational energy, and amplification powers.

Opal, the centerpiece of this set, is renowned for its calming properties, especially for the mind. It gently eases restless and racing thoughts, encouraging you to live in the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. As a protective stone, Opal shields you from negative energies, acting as a spiritual camouflage that allows you to navigate challenging situations and relationships without absorbing the negativity of others.

Accompanying Opal are two other formidable gemstones:

  1. Hematite, a powerful absorber of negative energy, provides a sense of calm during times of stress or worry. It can alleviate physical issues caused by anxiety or depression. Moreover, Hematite aids in overcoming compulsions and addictions, making it an excellent support for those dealing with overeating, smoking, or other forms of overindulgence.
  2. Clear Quartz, one of the best healing stones, exudes a high level of power and serenity. It helps you find inner peace even in the most challenging situations, allowing you to focus your mind and release anxiety. As a natural amplifier of other stones’ properties, Clear Quartz enhances the effects of the entire bracelet set, creating a harmonious and calming experience.


– Material: Natural Stones, Stainless Steel.

– Making Technics: Fully Handmade

– Stretchy design for comfortable wear.

Experience the enchanting serenity and balance that our Opal “Calming The Overactive Mind” Bracelet Set brings. Embrace peace, tranquility, and a renewed sense of inner harmony as you wear this beautifully crafted and spiritually empowering set. Allow the high vibrational energy of Opal and the supportive properties of Hematite and Clear Quartz to guide you toward a more peaceful and centered existence.

Let the positive energy of this bracelet set be your constant companion in your journey toward tranquility and mental balance.

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