Lava & Map Jasper Calming & Grounding Set

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Select the natural stone set that reflect your character and add connection to Mother Earth with this Earth Magic Stone Set. Each set is delicately combined to allow the wearer to benefit fully its natural stone healing impact. Choose between its tree original combination of Lava stone with Chrysocolla, Moonstone and Picture Jasper.

Lava is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of vitalizing energy. It has been believed as a gemstone that is filled with energy of the Earth. Lava is a kind of a stone that is made from cold magma. It has the strongest core energy of the Earth inside. If you want powerful energy, please try the meaning and properties of Lava. This gemstone has a long history that has been loved by people all around the world. It was used for architecture and ornaments from the ancient times.

Chrysocolla is said to have a goddess in it and to support human relationships. The meaning of Chrysocolla also includes true love. This gemstone helps you to convey your emotions with heartfelt expressions and to build better relationships. Chrysocolla is one of the most powerful gemstones for communication. This gemstone energizes your throat chakra. This power improves your self-expression skills and attracts people. If you deal with a healing work or if your work requires verbal communication, try Chrysocolla. This gemstone gives you courage and has a power to lead you.

Picture Jasper is a symbol of nature. It has a mood that seems like it just came out from the earth or the wood. This gemstone is used when you want to keep your feelings natural or get back your wild intuition. You would be able to get back the strength of an animal by tracing the memory of the genes. It is a gemstone that would give you more power in a difficult situation.

Moonstone is a gemstone that has a meaning and properties of strengthening your soul. It would enhance and increase the owner’s mental power. This gemstone is known for its luminous surface, and this light is a symbol of “moonlight.” It has been believed that it would balance the owner’s luck, just like the moon going around the earth constantly.

Product Details

Material: Natural Stones, Wood spacer, Alloy
Bead Size: 8mm
There are 2 bracelets in each set.

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Small (6.5"), Medium (7"), Large (8"), XLarge (9")

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