Color Therapy Positivity & Rebalance Bracelet

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Peach Mindfulness is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children in Africa and Southeast Asia. With every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing essential support and resources to children in need in these regions.


With this Color Therapy crystal bracelet, you will feel an improvement in mood as well as a shift in energy as the fives shades of colors from these healing Cracked Agate stones work through yours in order to bring it back balance.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is based on the idea that color and colored lights can help treat physical or mental health. According to this idea, they cause subtle changes in our moods and biology.

Color therapy has a long history. Records indicate that color and light therapy were once practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India.

Agate is a grounding stone that brings the emotional, physical and mental into balance.  Being grounded helps us remain calm, rational and make better decisions especially when surrounded by chaos.


Purple is most strongly associated with beauty, spirituality, and bliss. In color therapy, violet is often used on the forehead and neck to initiate feelings of calm and relaxation within the human body. However, it’s recommended for use on any part of the body.


Green wavelengths can decrease acute and chronic pain, relieve migraines and frequent headaches. Green is the color of nature, and according to chromatherapists, it can help relieve stress and relax a person. 


Red is used to energize or invigorate your mood who might be feeling tired or down.


Yellow can be used to improve your mood and make you more happy and optimistic. 


For softness, gratitude, intuition, calm.

  • Bracelet size: 7″ (can stretch out to 1″)
  • 10mm stone beads
  • Stretchy bracelet with high quality elastic cord
  • Made with pure positive energy

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