Classic Stainless Chain & Map Stone Bracelet


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Classic Map Stone Bracelet

This bracelet is polished using the top-quality natural stone, and combined with a minimalist stainless-steel chain link, offering you a classic and timeless look. The Obisidian and Map stone used is known for its healing energies benefits to boost the strength of willpower and firmness of self-control.

Map Stone, also called Grey Crazy Lace Jasper, is often referred to as the laughter stone bringing joy and happiness to those that wear it. The beautiful patterns in the stone create a circular flow of energy that can be stimulating to the mind.

Emotionally Map Stone may help:

depression and despair,
elevate thoughts and attitudes

Physically Map Stone may help improve:

– concentration
– perception,
– and analytical abilities

A fashion treasure, this flawless bracelet gives an eye-catching sparkle. Dress to impress and complete your look with this for a perfect every day or weekend wear. 

Product details

Circumference: 20cm | 7.87″; 22cm | 9″; 24cm | 10″
Stainless Steel Charm size: 14mm

Shipping: This bracelet will be fulfilled from our US warehouse, ETA is around 3-7 days.

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