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Enhance concentration and achieve the goal of your life with this original Arrow Cuff bangle.

For Native Americans, the arrow was a tool for hunting and for protection. It symbolized the sustenance of life. While people don’t go to war with a bow and arrow anymore, arrows are still used in sport and hunting. Being able to shoot an arrow accurately demonstrates skill and the ability to pick out targets.

The meaning of an arrow can vary depending on the direction or type of the arrow. Before we go into that in detail, here’s a quick rundown of the general meanings of an arrow:

  1. Concentration – To shoot an arrow to target, you need to be able to ignore distractions and to focus with great concentration on where you want your arrow to go. These are the marks of a skilled archer. An arrow represents the ability to ignore the noise around you, regardless of what they are and to focus on where you want to go with single-minded purpose.
  2. Reaching Goals – The purpose of an arrow is to hit its target or, in other words, to reach its goals. An arrow symbolizes reaching your goals and achieving your targets.
  3. Protection – An arrow has traditionally been used to protect a person from potential harm. Arrows have come to represent protection and defence from any evil that can come to you.
  4. Sustenance – Arrows were used to fight enemies and to hunt food, two important aspects of sustaining life. As a result, an arrow symbolizes maintaining and protecting life.
  5. Moving Forward – An arrow, when propelled by the bow, moves forward to new targets. It’s represents motion and the desire to improve your life.

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Material: Stainless Steel
Bracelet inner size: 170mm (6.7in) – 210mm (8.3in)
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