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ūüźē¬†Your dog needs clean water, and sporting dogs need more safe water.

Here is my story. I was walking my dog one day in the middle of the summer heat and he went into a state frantic panting. He seemed very dehydrated. He could not endure the walk anymore and stopped dead in his tracks. I had a water bottle with me but with the state, he was in it was just wasted all over the ground. This situation made me say ‚ÄúI‚Äôve got to do something about this.‚ÄĚ

ūüźē¬†¬†Perfect to carry for hikes, runs, traveling, or long walks with your dog

This “Anywhere Pup Hydration Drinker” is designed to easily keep your puppy hydrated with¬†clean water anywhere they are. You will never have this experience again.

  • Compact and easy to carry: This compact water bottle has a simple one-press design that makes it easy to give your dog water even when you only have one hand free.

  • Safely¬†kept in¬†your¬†bag: The¬†Puppy Anywhere Drinker¬†is equipped with a¬†leak-proof¬†key that avoids water from flowing outside, so you won’t have to worry about leaking water while keeping it in your bag.

  • Great¬†for all size dogs: The special dispensers of these bottles come in¬†three sizes to serve¬†clean water for¬†small, medium and large dogs. What’s more? The new wide-trough bottle is tailor-designed¬†to fit wide mouth dogs such as bulldog and golden retriever.

  • Residual water retrieving function: The¬†residual water can be passed back and fourth from the bowl via a pump so you won’t ever waste any.¬†¬†

¬†ūüźĺ Features

  • The dish¬†is¬†made of food-grade¬†plastic¬†for healthy and safe water keeping.
  • Sling equipped for easy handling.
  • Use as a reward to train your pup
  • Using¬†anti-bacterial material with¬†BPA free & FDA approved
  • 2 sizes for standard variant: 12oz (350ml) ; 18oz (550ml)
  • 1 size for Bulldog variant: 16oz (480ml)
  • Bottle diameter: 29.5in (75mm)

  Give your puppy your heart and the fun adventures ahead   

DON’T buy this¬†Anywkhere Pup Hydration Drinker UNTIL¬†you have the 20% OFF discount code!¬†And don’t forget our Risk-Free Policy of 30 days Return & Refund if your dog is not fancied with the bottle.

    ūüźĺ¬†Frequently Asked Question

    1.  Question: Can I pour the water back into the bottle if my pup doesn’t drink all the water? 

    Answer: Sure, yes. If your pup doesn’t drink all the water, you can tilt the dispenser up and the left over water will go back into the bottle with a press of the button.

    2. Question:¬†Do you make a larger capacity bottle? I like this design but the bottle just doesn’t hold enough water for my 50+ lb pup.

    Answer: Yes, we offer three sizes of the bottles plus two designs to accommodate dogs of different sizes. You can use the 18oz bottle if your dog is larger than 20 pounds. For dogs that are 50+ pounds, you will need to bring along more water to refill the bottle with when you go on a long walk or a hike.

    3. Question: Can the bottle sit flat on the ground for a dog to drink out of? Answer:¬†The bottle¬†is round and when filled with water, it will lay horizontally but not with sure footing. You could use rocks… to keep it steady in that position.¬†

    4. Question: Does this have a wrist strap?

    Answer: Yes, it does. 

    5. Question: Does the water bottle make any noise when the water is dispensed?

    Answer: No. The dispenser makes no noise at all.

    6. Question: Can I leave the bottle filled with water in my bag filled without worrying about my bag getting soaked?

    Answer: Yes, the silica gel seal is very tight. It makes sure the bottle doesn’t leak at all, so you can put it in your bag without any worrying about leaks. There is also a strap that comes with the bottle that allows you can to hang the bottle on your bag.

    7. Question: Does the water come out easily?

    Answer: Water will not come out till you hold down the button. When you hold down the button and tilt it toward the bowl it will come out extremely fast. 

    8. Question: Does it fit in car cup holder?

    Answer: It depends on the size of the cup holder in the vehicle that you drive. The bottle has 75mm parameter, so please measure your car cup holder dimension to be sure. 

    9. Question: Can I drink from it without slurping?

    Answer:¬†Well….I think the product is made for dogs, at least that’s what we use it for but I guess by looking at the design you could just fill the cup, turn it up and have a drink.¬†

    10. Question: What can I do if my doggie doesn’t like the bottle?

    Answer: We¬†provide 30 days money back guarantee. Just contact us if you don’t want it for any reasons.

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