Anxiety Bracelet Pack (Set Of 3)

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This Anxiety bracelet pack is a set of three bracelets to help you promote calmness, clarity and relaxation. The three stones: Amethyst, Dream Amethyst and Black Onyx are said to release negative energy, stress and irritability. They can also help counter anxiety-related insomnia.



Amethyst and its tranquil purple hues are incredibly protective, healing and purifying. If there’s a crystal you want nearby during an anxious time, it’s this beauty. Not only will it dispel negativity from our being, but it simultaneously attracts positive, calming vibes.

Amethyst is also a great stone known to relieve hyperactivity, attention deficit and obsessive-compulsive behaviors in adults and kids.

Black Onyx

It is a grounding stone, and it prevents you from becoming overwhelmed. It also absorbs negative energy and protects your space from such energy, to isolate your mood from external influences like work, difficult relationships, or events that are going on in the world.

Dream Amethyst

Dream Amethyst is a must-have for anxiety because its calming frequencies help to soothe any feelings of jitters or distress. It can sweep negativity away from clouding your thoughts, and give perspective to your situation. Dream Amethyst is a potent protective stone and cuts right through chaos to help you.

Dream Amethyst also helps with sleep and gives you a sense of nourishment during meditation.


Each piece of our jewelry is a beautifully handmade, one-of-a-kind item.

All of our gemstone bracelets were hand-checked for the highest quality and made thoughtfully from environment-friendly materials, using our unparalleled finishing techniques.


  • 100% handmade by our finest craftsmen.
  • Made with high-grade, natural Amethyst, Black Onyx and Dream Amethyst Stones.
  • Stretchy.


  • XSmall (5″): Fits wrist size 5″ – 6″.
  • Small (6″): Fits wrist size 6″ – 7″.
  • Medium (7″): Fits wrist size 7″ – 8″.
  • Large (8″): Fits wrist size 8″ – 9″.
  • XLarge (9″): Fits wrist size 9″ – 10.5″.
  • Bracelets can stretch out to 1″.
  • If you’re in between sizes, size up.

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Weight N/A
Bead Size

Adults (6mm), Children (4mm)


Medium (7"), Small (6"), Large (8"), XSmall (5"), XLarge (9")

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