Your Pathway to Mindfulness

The further Peach takes you,
the more you will grow.

At Our Core

At Peach, we help you to clear the psychological, emotional & practical obstacles that block your pathway to mindfulness. We make a life of calm and positivity more possible by embracing everyone's wonderfully unique desires, needs & challenges. Empowering you with tools tailored to your lifestyle is at the core of what we do.

How We Serve You

Discovering Your Needs

What are your needs, goals, challenges? We get to know you by learning what drives your journey to mindfulness. This enables us to curate a unique experience specific to that journey.

Simple Steps

With Peach, you’re always one tap away from a more peaceful state of being. We choose the type and duration of meditation that works best, based on your needs. We deliver simply, via text at the time you choose.

For You

There are hundreds of meditation experiences available. Peach eliminates your need to search by curating an assortment that fits your unique situation, level & need.

Tools To Empower & Support

We know how challenging it can be to stay on track. Peach users are more likely to feel empowered & stick to their new positive lifelong habits. Our users see consistent progress, feel supported & affirmed with Peach’s goal-assuring tools.

Meditation For The Moment

We have all experienced those heightened moments when life can feel overwhelming & we need to come up for air.

Peach is there when you need to meditate on the spot. Just text us how you're feeling any time, 24 hours a day, and we’ll text you a meditation exercise that can help with that.

Our founder, Quyen Balter, lovingly created this feature to uplift you from whatever you may be experiencing in the moment. Her real-life story of searching to find stillness & peace amidst the chaos of life reflects her deepest desire for what Peach offers the world.

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can control how you react to them"

A Perspective Shift; On Focusing The Mind

Has trying to quiet your mind been challenging? If you’ve struggled with “clearing your mind” in the past, Peach will help you reach a state of peace rooted in acceptance, empowerment, and commitment to your wellbeing.

At Peach we know that once you learn to embrace your thoughts instead of trying to eliminate them, you're so much more likely to experience all the wonderful benefits that meditation offers.

The Fruit of Meditation

Reaping the Harvest of your Practice

On a scale of 1-10, how stressed do you feel? Our May 2021 study showed that most people say, “8”. Even more wish they meditated more often, and 70% have tried and failed. A Feb 2021 study by the American Pschological Association shows alarming numbers of Americans are suffering from stress daily.

There’s a universal yearning to relieve stress and anxiety. While Peach strives to answer that need, we’re also creating an awareness of meditation that goes beyond just stress relief.

Peach is your progressive journey beyond mental clarity. It is how you become closer to pure consciousness. We believe that this journey takes you to the source of all things you. It is where your creativity, visions, dreams, and aspirations lie.

And just where is this source? According to cognitive neuroscientists, the majority of our thoughts, habits, decisions, and emotions are locked away unconsciously on autopilot. Meditation helps to ground us, allowing us to become more aware of what’s going on in those deep recesses.

When we do, we become less reactive, less threatened, more rested, and more immune. We become more open, more mindful, more creative. Our mind and body become aligned with universal source energy.
In its essence, our healing becomes a healing for the world.

Testing the Soil

We are constantly innovating to offer new ways to enrich the mindfulness experience for our Peach community. Testing our soil to ensure that our platform is making a real difference is part & parcel.

Our 2021 survey with 750 of our users showed

After 21 days


Saw improvement in SLEEP


Reduction in stress levels on average


Saw their mood positively impacted

What We Offer

Outdoor Meditation Stories

There is no right way to mindfulness. Only the right way for you.

Do you find that being in nature is where you feel most aligned? Try our outdoor meditations, developed to meet you there!

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Listen to our inspirational meditations while commuting for a calmer more mindful day.

Is your workout a powerful source of motivation for you? We offer meditations for while you are walking, running, biking which enhance your focus to overcome even your loftiest goals.

Daily Meditations

10 minutes of YOUR time, every day

Tell us when you can fit in 10 minutes, and we’ll send you a text each day with your next meditational experience based on your current path & state of being.

Sleep Stories

The greatest natural meditation is a good night's sleep, yet many struggle to rest.

Peach combines meditation techniques with sleep-inducing binaural beats for to help you easily slip into a good night’s rest.

Our Packages

Meditate for Free

The 7 Day
Meditation Series

A Carefully Curated 7
Day Experience offering
you mental clarity, inner
peace and calm.

The Unlimited
Journey ​

Personalized Daily Meditations
On Demand Meditations
Sleep Stories
Outdoor Meditation Stories
Daily Affirmations
Intention Setting Guidance


The Unlimited

Personalized Daily Meditations
On Demand Meditations
Sleep Stories
Outdoor Meditation Stories
Daily Affirmations
Intention Setting Guidance

$59.99 / annually

this annual price offers 50% discounted!