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I know you are tired, but come.
This is the way.


At Our Core

At Peach, we make a life of mindfulness possible by embracing everyone’s  wonderfully unique desires, needs, & challenges. Empowering you with tools tailored to your lifestyle is at the core of what we do.

How It Works


We learn about you,
consistently over time.

We start at the root.
This isn't about a quick fix for a symptom
you want to alleviate.

We go deeper
to the source of what
you are really seeking,
so we can effect real
and lasting change


We personalize your
meditation experience.

What that looks like is unique for each person. It depends on your needs & challenges.

Along with your meditations you will receive a combination of tools tailored to you: intention setting guides, gentle reminders, insights, & encouragement.


We journey with
you as you grow.

The path to mindfulness is organic. It takes time, patience & intentionality. Think of Peach as your personal coach. We are there to guide & gently encourage you along your way.

What We Offer

There is no right way to mindfulness. Only the right way for you.

Outdoor Meditation

Do you find that being in nature is where you feel most aligned? Try our outdoor meditations, developed to meet you there!

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Listen to our inspirational meditations while commuting for a calmer more mindful day.

Is your workout a powerful source of motivation for you? We offer meditations for while you are walking, running, biking which enhance your focus to overcome even your loftiest goals.

This story and message was AMAZING. I listened to it as I drove to work and I've been having the most positive day, truly!

~ Anna R

Daily Meditations

Tell us when you can fit in 10 minutes, and we’ll send you a text each day with your next meditational experience based on your current path & state of being.

10 minutes of YOUR time, every day

Getting a text message from Peach is like getting a reminder from a friend. It keeps me on track and has helped me to develop a daily Routine. I love Peach!

~ Leslie, Business Owner

Sleep Stories

The greatest natural meditation is a good night's sleep, yet many struggle to rest.

Peach combines meditation techniques with sleep-inducing binaural beats for to help you easily slip into a good night’s rest.

Testing the Soil

We are constantly innovating to offer new ways to enrich the mindfulness experience for our Peach community. Testing our soil to ensure that our platform is making a real difference is part & parcel.

Our 2021 survey with 750 of our users showed

After 21 days


Saw improvement in SLEEP


Reduction in stress levels on average


Saw their mood positively impacted