Yoga Stretches.

Practice these Yoga stretches to remove any blockages that prevent the free flow of the body and mind. They’re useful as preparatory practice before you sit in a meditation or affirmation as they open up all the major joints and relax the whole body.
Suitable for practitioners of all levels.
These practices may be performed with awareness of the actual physical movement, the movement of the prana, experienced by the tingling sensations in the body, and by integrating breathing into the movements.
Periodic rest
After two or three practices, you may sit quietly in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Be aware of the natural breathing, any sensations in the body or the thoughts or feelings that pass through the mind.
Be aware of physical limitations and do not strain the body. If there are any serious ailments, a therapist should be consulted.

For the hip flexors

For the lower back

For stress & anxiety relief

For the neck & shoulders

For the core