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Daily meditation benefits both your physical and mental health at any time of day. Peach encourages morning meditation and we will articulate the reasons later in this article. But if an afternoon or evening time is the only slot you have open, we’ll take it!

So what are these benefits?

Daily meditation has been proven to: 

  • decrease stress and anxiety, 
  • better sleep
  • improve focus
  • generate more compassion, and 
  • even lower blood pressure 

Part of succeeding in daily meditation is making it a habit, which science has shown is very powerful in changing or continuing a routine. The morning can be the easiest time to create a new habit because it ensures the act will get done before the business of life can get in the way. And because morning routines are already very strong, they tend to remain the same for people more so than other times of the day which often have varying events and schedules. 

One benefit specific to morning meditation is that often the calm energy you feel during your morning session lingers into the rest of your day. This can be especially helpful if your days tend to get a little crazy. Your short morning meditation session can actually result in you being less stressed throughout the day and this only increases with time. As you continue with your daily meditation practice, your overall stress levels will decline over time. 

Another benefit of morning meditation is that it can be more effective in a shorter amount of time because the mind is typically quiet and fresh. Brain frequencies are moving at slower rates when you first wake, which helps to focus the mind and prevent distraction while meditating. It also is less likely you will fall asleep during your meditation session because you just woke up! Even five minutes of morning meditation, or even just a few mindful breaths, can start to rewire your brain to function with more mindfulness, and ultimately, more efficiency.

If your schedule is already overloaded, it may seem difficult to add meditation into the mix, but especially if you think you need to use the time for other things. However, these thoughts are exactly why meditation needs to enter your daily routine. You will become less stressed and your schedule will become more manageable for you with a calm, confident mind. Finding time on the first day is the hardest part. Once it becomes a habit, you’re golden, and you will begin to reap the rich benefits of the meditation sessions. Only ten minutes in the morning can make a difference in your day…and we hope you’ll see it for yourself!

Like a peach, life is sweetest when you take a moment to appreciate it.

Let’s go on this journey together.

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