The Transformation Kit

6 Week Mind Revival + Power Energy Bracelet

Create the positive life
that you want.


I know you are tired, but come.
This is the way.


What you get

  • 6 weeks mind revival program. Each day, you’ll get a new meditation sent to your phone via text and email.
  • Each week, you’ll work on a new are of life. There are 6 different areas that you’ll be working on in order to build a balanced and relaxed mind.
  • A Power Bracelet to power up the area that you need help with the most at the moment. This bracelet is the conduit for the healing energies you need. It also acts as an assistant to remind you of your intentions so you will live according to them daily.
  • A set of 3 Bonuses with a worth of $537 in values:

My Story

There were nights when I sobbed in the shower because of the pressure from life …

I once felt stuck, powerless and purposeless after I got married and gave birth to my first child. Things constantly require my attention. I felt anxious about always racing to the next task in my to-do list.

My busy life involves work and the family, but because I often felt drained, none of what I was doing or participating in seemed to genuinely draw my interest.

There were nights when I sobbed in the shower because of the pressure from life and yet, I felt indifferent, joyless about it. My heart and soul felt heavy because I thought there was no way out.
I got into meditation but it was too hard for me because I often lacked time and my mind was way too distracted to sit.


One time, I read about crystals and how they symbolize the transformation in various life forms. Eckhart Tolle wrote “What can be heavier and more impenetrable than a rock, the densest of all forms?”

Yet, some rocks undergo a change in their molecular structure, turn into crystals, and become transparent to the light. The heavy minerals have transformed into precious stones.

That’s why crystals store the transformational and positive energies from Mother Earth. To me, they symbolize enlightenment in a natural form.

I often carry a crystal to help lift my heavy mood and ground me in the transformation I wish to carry out.
Crystals are believed to have healing power for thousands of years and were used by Kings and shamans in ancient times.

Because of their special significance in the human spirit, they are the best assistant of your deep intentions and can help you fulfill your transcendence quest.
When I see my beautiful and sparkling crystals, I feel positive and the calming energies.

Their deep meaning brings me back to myself every time.

They are the start of my quest, and they have been of tremendous mental help for my life quest for peace, joy and self-understanding which I’ve fulfilled later on with meditation.


Meditation is not just the practice of sitting there in silence. Internal transformation can only happen when we point back to ourselves to focus inward.

I once thought meditation was hard because it was all about stopping thoughts.

But later on, through various teachings of the monks who embraced the original teachings of the Buddha, I realized it is more about learning the middle way to accept everything in life, including our thoughts, with a loving and non-judgemental attitude.
Like Leah said “Our past is a force that doesn’t like to see its end come. Our future is a force that doesn’t like us to abort it”. Our mind often swings back and forth between the past and the future, causing our stress and anxiety.

But if we block these motions, they become stronger, like a water stream knocking down a wall put up by us.
Once I adopted the middle way mindset, things, people and energies that were once painful memories or blockages to my wellbeing and development were neutralized.

The limiting mindsets, tendencies and habits that I used to struggle with through my life were lifted off.

They no longer have power or authorities in my life.

Living in this reality has been life-changing and liberating.

Sound & Energy Centers

Nikolay Tesla had also famously said “If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”
A loud siren for instance can evoke ‘fear’ or ‘alarm’.
Or softer meditative sound can create incredible feelings of deep relaxation.
Just listening to certain sound waves has an incredible effect on the brain, he explained.
And this idea is also backed up by scientific research.
It turns out 369 hertz is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get into an Alpha brain wave state.’

Regaining Balance

What is energy?

You are energy. Within you, energy is the animated force of your cells. On a molecular level, it powers your DNA, nucleotides, and electrons. Energy always surrounds us. It can be found anywhere and everywhere.

Energy tends to vibrate at different frequencies. It really depends on different factors such as your mood, level of activity, surroundings and stressors. 

So when you energy is at high frequency, you tend to attract the energies of the same frequency. This is how you reach your Highest Self, and fulfill your highest potentials.

Unblocking your energy

There’s one technique that’s easy and very effective at moving stagnant energy so the chakras, or energy centers can be open and free flowing. This technique can induce your brainwave to the delta and theta frequencies, which brings about great calm, gratitude, joy, acceptance, and grace.  That practice is meditation. 

Meditation is easy

Contrary to what people often think, meditation doesn’t require stopping your thoughts. It only requires you to observe them, and be able to direct your mind gently back to your breathing. When taking the seat of the observer, you are able to realize that thoughts and emotions are “things” that occur outside of you. You are not your thoughts, nor your emotions. 

Once you are able to separate your identity from the thoughts, emotions, and the long history of the past stories that have been blocking you and weighing you down, the start of the healing process begins. In the next six weeks, this process can be as easy as 1-2-3. 


How It Works


Tune into relaxation

take some time daily to relax and listen for ten minutes to the energy altering audio track.

This can be done while you just woke up and are still lying in bed in the morning. Or while you lying in bed before bedtime, or whenever you are waiting in line, sitting in a parked car.


Set an intention

We’ll guide you through “programming” your highest intentions into your Crystal bracelet.

This is usually a short sentence that you choose for yourself to manifest your highest goals and dreams.


Wear your bracelet

Keep your bracelet on you or daily during daily and keep it near you at night while you are sleeping.

The healing power of the crystal will help the subconscious level of your mind to realize your intentions, even while you’re sleeping.

We design it all for you

Which means you’ll see results regardless of your “expertise”.

Once you flip the “switch” the code takes over from there.

Obviously, since every person is different… everyone’s experience and results will be different.

But I do promise you will experience RESULTS.

The results YOU want to see in your life…

The results that were hiding behind energy blocks… your whole life.

Here’s what you’ll experience with this wonder-working 10-minute a day mind renewal program.

Week 1 is called Welcome Clarity

The daily meditation is guided and engineered with audio frequencies that help put your brain into an aligned, receptive, and meditative state. For proper alignment and healing.

In order for healing and transformation to happen, your mind first needs to be cleared up of the mental blockages caused by past and current experiences. So in this phase, the daily meditation helps you work on prioritizing and improving focus. 

So you’ll be able to surround yourself with positive people, find inspiration, change your body language and start the mindset shift.


Week 2 is to start you on The Power of Awareness

This energy center is associated with the Root Chakra.

You require a strong sense of safety and security in order to thrive in life, so this phase leads you through identifying areas in your life where there’s a lack of security, stability and belonging.

And clears blockages through curated visualizations and affirmations.

The BioEnergy switch is now activated and the current of manifestation can begin to flow.


Week 3 is called Unrolling Emotions

Also known as your Sacral Chakra​.

When flowing unobstructed, this energy center creates emotional intelligence, supports deep meaningful relationships, and promotes feelings of pleasure.

Through guided visualizations and affirmations, The BioEnergy Code will help you find a new sense of balance in your relationships by honoring your own wants, needs, and feelings…


Ultimately developing a deep love for yourself, and a deeper love of others.

From the physical body, you’ll raising your awareness to more subtle things like your emotions, which are greatly affected by your thoughts. So you’ll learn how to separate yourself from your thoughts, and be able to see them and let them go. 

We have about 50,000 thoughts a day on average, according to scientific research, so it’s not wise to give everyone of the attention. Being able to let distracting dissipate and replacing negative ones with positive ones will help lift your mood. 

Week 4 is to open up your Heart center

The energy that you give out from your hearts affects your mental states, emotions, your relationship with the close ones and others. 

But it gets blocked because of unmet expectations and disappointments.

During this week, you’ll feel your barriers of receiving love dissolve away, as well as the pain of past disappointments.


Through the practice of loving kindness, forgiveness and affirmation, you’ll discover how love is all around you…

That it’s the language of the Universe…

And that a pure and radiant love resides within you – without boundaries and without expectations.


Week 5 is about clearing your Expression energy center

Also known as the ​Throat Chakra​.

This is the energy of self-expression and spoken truth.

Owning and speaking your truth can be near impossible when our energy is bound by others’ expectations of us.

This phase helps you release what others may think of you.


That way, you become energized by our own beautiful self-expression of YOUR truth.

Power Energy Crystal Bracelet

In ancient times, crystals were worn by kings and shamans
and believed to store healing energies.


Manifestation Bracelet – Handmade American Turquoise Bracelet – Natural Stone

Vibrations it raises: Strength. Confidence.

Energy: Grounding. Protecting. Calming.


Power: Opening your eyes and mind to new ideas and your true purpose.

Intentions: Carry it with you to feel its reassurance as you explore new opportunities.

Manifestation Bracelet – Handmade American Turquoise Bracelet – Natural Stone

Vibrations it raises: Strength. Confidence.

Energy: Grounding. Protecting. Calming.


Power: Opening your eyes and mind to new ideas and your true purpose.

Intentions: Carry it with you to feel its reassurance as you explore new opportunities.

Manifestation Bracelet – Handmade American Turquoise Bracelet – Natural Stone

Vibrations it raises: Strength. Confidence.

Energy: Grounding. Protecting. Calming.


Power: Opening your eyes and mind to new ideas and your true purpose.

Intentions: Carry it with you to feel its reassurance as you explore new opportunities.

Pick Your Bracelet

The Fruit of Meditation

Reaping the Harvest of your Practice

On a scale of 1-10, how stressed do you feel? Our May 2021 study showed that most people say, “8”. Even more wish they meditated more often, and 70% have tried and failed. A Feb 2021 study by the American Pschological Association shows alarming numbers of Americans are suffering from stress daily.

There’s a universal yearning to relieve stress and anxiety. While Peach strives to answer that need, we’re also creating an awareness of meditation that goes beyond just stress relief.

Peach is your progressive journey beyond mental clarity. It is how you become closer to pure consciousness. We believe that this journey takes you to the source of all things you. It is where your creativity, visions, dreams, and aspirations lie.

And just where is this source? According to cognitive neuroscientists, the majority of our thoughts, habits, decisions, and emotions are locked away unconsciously on autopilot. Meditation helps to ground us, allowing us to become more aware of what’s going on in those deep recesses.

When we do, we become less reactive, less threatened, more rested, and more immune. We become more open, more mindful, more creative. Our mind and body become aligned with universal source energy.
In its essence, our healing becomes a healing for the world.

Testing the Soil

We are constantly innovating to offer new ways to enrich the mindfulness experience for our Peach community. Testing our soil to ensure that our platform is making a real difference is part & parcel.

Our 2021 survey with 750 of our users showed

After 21 days


Saw improvement in SLEEP


Reduction in stress levels on average


Saw their mood positively impacted

What We Offer

This story and message was AMAZING. I listened to it as I drove to work and I’ve been having the most positive day, truly!

– Anna R

Outdoor Meditation Stories

There is no right way to mindfulness. Only the right way for you.

Do you find that being in nature is where you feel most aligned? Try our outdoor meditations, developed to meet you there!

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Listen to our inspirational meditations while commuting for a calmer more mindful day.

Is your workout a powerful source of motivation for you? We offer meditations for while you are walking, running, biking which enhance your focus to overcome even your loftiest goals.

As a distance runner, I will run sometimes for an hour … even two. I’ve wanted to get meditation into my schedule, but dedicating more time was difficult. I LOVE that I can listen to a meditation while I’m running in the outdoors. I have found a further sense of mental clarity, dedication and walk into the rest of my day feeling more centered and balanced.

– Linda V

Peach Mindfulness · A Mountain Stroll

Daily Meditations

10 minutes of YOUR time, every day

Tell us when you can fit in 10 minutes, and we’ll send you a text each day with your next meditational experience based on your current path & state of being.

I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously & they did not help.The quick 10 min meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful work day

– Daniel B

Getting a text message from Peach is like getting a reminder from a friend. It keeps me on track and has helped me to develop a daily Routine. I love Peach!

– Leslie, Business Owner

Peach Mindfulness · Calming Pain

Sleep Stories

The greatest natural meditation is a good night’s sleep, yet many struggle to rest.

Peach combines meditation techniques with sleep-inducing binaural beats for to help you easily slip into a good night’s rest.

I listened to the sleep story last night & I can whole heartedly endorse its’ effectiveness

– Katrina B

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The Unlimited

Personalized Daily Meditations
On Demand Meditations
Sleep Stories
Outdoor Meditation Stories
Daily Affirmations
Intention Setting Guidance

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