We text.
You meditate.

Peach makes mindfulness a no-brainer.

$5.99/month. Offer Ends Sept 20.

Regular price: $11.98/month

Never miss a meditation

Sent To You

Through text messages.
So you’re more likely to do it.

Selected For You

10-minute sessions.
Skip the scroll and overwhelm of apps.

Better Every Day

Our sessions are personalized to progress with you day by day.
Go deeper, get better.

How It Works

We text. You meditate. Peach makes mindfulness a no-brainer.

Daily Meditation

Delivered in the morning. Selected to fit with your meditation level and goal.

Weekly Checkin

We check in with you every week through text messages to make sure the meditation fits with your level.

50+ Bonus Music

Over 50+ tracks of meditation music + binaural beats. Designed to clear up mind fog and help the brain relax.

Membership Access

Exclusive access to a member board where you see a library of all meditations, tools and resources needed to help you with your practice.

People Love Us.

I’ve tried other meditation apps with little success, but getting a text message from Peach each day is like getting a reminder from a friend. It keeps me on track and has helped me to develop a daily routine. I love Peach! 
Leslie V.

Mindfulness Is A Path. Here’s The Map.

A preview of the first 4 months.

Month 1


  • You’ll learn to be here & now. Bye stress, hello focus.

Month 2


  • Start a new relationship with your emotions. See them, accept them, free them.

Month 3

Balancing thoughts

  • Knock, knock. See thoughts as visitors. Hello, then let go.

Month 4

Mastering intentions

  • Out of autopilot to own your life. This isn’t new age. It’s focus, action, habit, results.

Create bigger joy and better control of your life, month by month.

$5.99/month. Offer Ends Sept 20.

Regular price: $11.98/month

Keep Your Inner Smile On

Starting is the hardest part. Why stop now?

Easy text. Smart tech.
Ancient wisdom. Modern voice.

$5.99/month. Offer Ends Sept 20.

Regular price: $11.98/month

What People Are Saying About Us

I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously and they did not help. The quick 10 minute meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful workday.

Daniel B.

Peach’s meditation techniques are simpler than the ones in the other apps I have used. The guided meditation helps clear my mind. It’s truly valuable content.

Annie M.
I don’t have much experience meditating, but I love the Peach guided morning meditations. It helps me start the day feeling more calm and grounded. I meditate with Peach after my morning workouts and even during my walks. Definitely recommend! 
Amanda H.

The morning meditation sessions are simple and they give me a sense of calm and focus. I learned something cool: the art of resting!

Grant R.

I like the idea of getting the meditation through text messages. It meets me where I am.

Anna T.

I like Peach meditation very much. I did all of them. The guided meditation reinforces the basic techniques everyday. So by the end of the first month, I already know what to do and feel confident about my progress.

Yaro S.

We can make anyone a happy meditator.

$5.99/month. Offer Ends Sept 20.

Regular price: $11.98/month