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As I was deleting all the meditation apps from my phone the paradox struck me: I was actually more stressed over choosing the perfect meditation than I was before started.

For two years, I had been trying to find the app that would somehow magically help me achieve mindfulness. Instead, I felt anxious about spending my time browsing meditation apps instead of being productive. Each new app would motivate me to meditate for a short while. Then I got bored, my mind wandered during meditations, and I began beating myself up over not sticking with it…

I realized I had to go to the source.

So I sought out deeply respected Buddhist monks to practice their teachings. After a few months I had learned more than years of using mindfulness apps. I was sitting still, meditating for hours with a completely calm mind and heartbeat.

I had learned that there is no such thing as the perfect meditation.

Meditating regularly and consistently— even if only for a few minutes at a time — will train your mind to accept what’s happening inside and outside instead of fighting it. Worrying about which meditation practice is best for managing stress or anxiety is only a diversion. The meditation you can incorporate into your busy schedule is the perfect meditation regime. Regular practice will help you enter a state where thoughts and distractions exist in itself without interfering with your stream of consciousness.

The accumulative effect of regular meditation changed my life.

I went from being constantly irritated with tiny things around me, to finding calmness in my mind. The misery and anger from being disappointed by other people faded. I had learned to view the behavior of others as out my control and irrelevant to my happiness.

I approached the venerable Thich Hanh Duc about creating a system that could help others discover their own unique paths to mindfulness. The result of that became the Peach Mind Method™ — An approach to make meditation part of your day, by simplifying it and preventing option overload and procrastination.

The Peach Mind Method™

According to the venerable Thich Hanh Duc there are 3 essential pillars of meditation:

Awareness (A)

Awareness of thoughts and patterns that trigger automatic reactions is the first step to gaining control of your emotions. When allowing thoughts to pull your mind in many directions, it throws you off balance. Being aware of your inner states allow you to stay in the moment and prevent emotions from spiraling out of control. Awareness calms the mind, giving you time to accept what is and react positively to the moment.

Befriend (B)

Become a friend of your inner states to detach yourself from stimuli that trigger your mind to react in negative ways. It is not external events, but your reactions to them, that leads to agitation, anger, disappointment and even anxiety and depression.

Curious (C)

Examine the deepest depths of your mind to discover true equanimity and balance. Real happiness is not found in external things, but inside your mind. Through curiosity you can rewire your mind to find inner happiness instead of always reacting to the external world.

If one of these pillars are missing, your mind will wander off, ruining your concentration. The Peach Mind Method™ is simplifying the “ABC” of meditation into a step by step regimen. It helps you achieve a calm and balanced mind both during and after your meditation sessions.

Begin your immersive mindfulness experience with a FREE 7-day trial and discover the difference for yourself:

How We Are Different

Genuine Zen Buddhist Meditation

Not another meditation app

The sales and downloads of meditation apps have exploded in recent years. However, the number of people actually finding time to meditate regularly is not following the number of apps sold. Most simply download a meditation app, use it a few times, and then forget about it. Some even keep paying monthly subscriptions for meditation programs they don’t use. Peach is different. There’s no app to download. We send you meditation tracks and instructions directly to your phone. As result, 75% of Peach users meditate more than 5 times a week — that’s 25% more than meditation app users.

Start simple, keep meditating.

Most people start out being too ambitious, and give up within the first 2 weeks. They want to get into meditation and spend over an hour meditating the first time. The people who successfully make meditation part of their daily life start out simple. 10 minutes of meditation a day has shown to be the sweet spot for beginners. Peach starts off with short 10 minute sessions to get you into the routine of regular meditation. Each session gets slightly longer as you progress. The accumulative effect of regular meditation has much greater longterm effect than prolonged sessions.

Inspired by Zen Buddhism

Many meditation apps claiming to be based on Zen Buddhism reduce the pure practice of mindfulness to a “productivity tool”. Genuine meditation might help you become more productive in your everyday life. However, that is simply a bonus effect and shouldn’t be seen as the sole purpose of meditation. Peach is developed under the guidance of the venerable Thich Hanh Duc, an actual Buddhist monk and the abbot at Tay Phuong Monastery in Minnesota. His supervision ensures that every session lives up to the standards of genuine Buddhist meditation.

Step by step map

Thousands of meditation options often confuse more than they help. Too many choices can be a stress factor in itself. Peach is a smart coach that guides you on the simplest path to mindfulness. Each meditation is chosen for you based on your current mood, progress, and feedback. Artificial intelligence algorithms map out your personalized plan, so each meditation session is tailored for your state of mind. Option overload is a common reason why people give up on meditation. Peach simplifies the selection to make it easy for you to stay on track.

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Simply text Peach, for example: “I need a ten minutes meditation for stress relief.” Our Artificial Intelligence system will respond.

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