A year of good mood & sleep.

Short, effective meditation to cultivate peace and presence.

why peach?

We text. You meditate.

The easy way to get meditation into your day.

Unplug your mind from the digital world. Increase your mental capacity and focus with a meditation ready for you in your text messages each and every morning. 

This mindfulness program is broken out into themed weeks, each with 7 unique meditations and prompts that allow you to discover how to live in the moment. A year of more tranquility is at hand - Why not begin today?

Take the path to inner peace one day at a time with this effective mindfulness program.

Start your day in a good mood.

Get a 10-minute guided meditation sent to you via text and email everyday at the time you choose.

Relax at night with a good sleep.

Get a sleep story, infused with binaural beats and relaxing meditation music at night. Open the meditation on your phone or computer.

Go at our own pace.

Pause or repeat a week of meditation as you wish.

Reclaim the energy when your mind is scattered back to you

At its core, mindfulness is simple: just pause and notice our experiences and surroundings with loving intention. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Peach will show you the way, with 52 weeks of easy-to-follow and engaging meditation to help you to raise self-awareness, regain focus, reducing stress and increase positivity in the long term. All can be done in short and simple format.

How We Are Different

Genuine Zen Buddhist Meditation

Not another meditation app

75% of Peach users meditate more than 5 times a week — that’s 25% more than other meditation app users. 95% of our users see an improvement in the mood and sleep after just 7 short days.

Start simple, keep meditating.

Peach starts you off with a daily affirmation and a 10-minute session each day. Easily get into the habit of meditation.

Inspired by Zen Buddhism

Peach is developed under the guidance of the Venerable Thich Hanh Duc, the abbot at Tay Phuong Monastery in Minnesota. His supervision ensures that every session lives up to the standards of genuine Buddhist meditation.

Step by step map

Peach simplifies the selection of meditation. Each day's meditation is built on the previous one.

Benefits of using

Peach Mindfulness meditation

Sent to you

Selected for you

Simple, easy to follow

No app installation

Meditate anytime, anywhere.

Feel better everyday

Weekly themes

Each week, get 7 unique meditations texted to you. Easy, convenient way to gain focus and practice an aspect of mindfulness - self respect, love, kindness, mental clarity, resilience, and appreciating the good things.

Daily mindfulness prompt

Stay positive with daily affirmations for self-compassion, wisdom and courage.

Be guided in a program that progresses with you.

Learn from basic to more advanced. The more you go, the more you grow.

On-demand meditation for your mood.

Request a meditation at any time of the day by texting Peach. For example: "focus", "relaxation", "sleep".

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First 7 days free.

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