The simplest path
to mindfulness.

The easy way to get meditation
into your day.

Daily meditation selected for you

We learn
about you.  

Tell us about your experience with meditation.

We select
your path.

Get a meditation path that suits your level.

We text you
your meditations.

Just open your text message, click the link and meditate.

We help you
stay consistent.

Only 10 minutes a day at the time you choose.

We progress
with you.

Each day’s meditation is built on the previous one.

Follow one theme each month.

A preview of the first four months.

Month 1 

Being Present

  • Learn how to be here and now
  • Eliminate stress
  • Improve focus

Month 2

Unrolling Feelings

  • Start a new relationship with your emotions
  • Learn how to see them, accept them, and free them

Month 3

Balancing Thoughts

  • See negative thoughts as visitors
  • Say hello to them, and then let go
Seeing The Good Side

Month 4

Mastering Intentions

  • Get out of your autopilot mode and start to own your life.
  • Master the art of taking mindful action

Benefits of using
Peach Mindfulness meditation

Sent to you

Selected for you

Simple, easy to follow

Adapt to your mood each day

Easy reminders

Make progress everyday

Start your day in a good mood.

Get a daily meditation curated for your needs at the time you choose.

Ease into the night with a good sleep.

Get a sleep story, infused with binaural beats and relaxing meditation music at night.

Be guided in a program that progresses with you.

Be guided in a program that progresses with you.

On-demand meditation for your mood.

Request a meditation at any time of the day by texting Peach. For example: “focus”, “relaxation”, “sleep”.