The Easiest Way 
To Get Meditation
Into Your Day

Only 10 minutes a day. 

Wake up with mindfulness and clarity.

Show up everyday to life with peace and joy.

What You Get

Daily Guided Meditation

Wake up with a 10 minute meditation. Easy to do. Delivered right to your phone through text message. No app installation.

Highly Curated Program

Peach’s meditation program is created from over a thousand hours of researching and consultation with Buddhist monks on the most notable meditation techniques from the East and West.

Your Success

Using Peach is like having a personal trainer that guides you every step of the way to guarantee your success. Peach instructs you with the proper meditation techniques to better the fruits of your meditation.

Inspirational Lessons

Every meditation not only guides you with meditation but also contains tidbits of TED-talk-like kind of wisdom to inspire you to be your best self everyday.

Get Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life

Progressing through the program, you will be well equipped with mindfulness skills to handle different matters of life.
Learn a different set of useful mindfulness skills and techniques as well as reinforce old ones each week.
Month 1:  Being Present

Being in the present moment brings clarity and enhances your focus, which reduces overwhelming thoughts and stress. This is a fundamental skill of mindfulness – defined by the Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh as “the energy that helps us to be there one hundred percent; the energy of our true presence”.

Month 2:  Unrolling Feelings

You’ll be learning to meditate and create a new relationship with our feelings. We will sharpen our awareness to recognize and accept our feelings without letting them drain us.

Month 3:  Balancing thoughts

Imagine each thought as a visitor knocking at the door of your house. The thoughts don’t live there. You can greet them, acknowledge them, and watch them go. You will learn to stay calm and unbiased in the middle of the swirl of thoughts.

Month 4:  Mastering Intentions

Intentions, or resolve, help you get out of the autopilot mode. Here’s the power of intention: Intentions lead to mental actions, and repeated mental actions lead to mental habit. You will learn using intention to profoundly transform how the mind behaves.

… And many more.  Come discover for yourself!

What People Are Saying About Us

I listened to the sleep story last night and I can wholeheartedly endorse its effectiveness! 

Katrina B.

This story and message was AMAZING. I listened to it as I drove to work this morning and I’ve been having the most positive day, truly

Anna R.

I seriously LOVED this story and I will definitely be listening to it again and again.

Eric J.

The sleep stories got me quickly fall asleep every night.  The voice and imagery are very relaxing.

Chelsea J.

The content does such a great job of appealing to all the senses. The visualizations came so easily with the descriptive words.

Jean A.

I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously and they did not help. The quick 10 minute meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful workday.

Daniel B.