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$1 for the first month. Then $11.99/month afterwards.

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The Peach Mind Methodᵀᴹ

Awareness (A)

Awareness of thoughts and patterns that trigger automatic reactions is the first step to gaining control of your emotions. Being aware of your inner states allow you to stay in the moment and prevent emotions from spiraling out of control. Awareness gives you time to accept what is and react positively to the moment.

Befriend (B)

Become a friend of your inner states to detach yourself from stimuli that trigger your mind to react in negative ways. It is not external events, but your reactions to them, that leads to agitation, anger, disappointment and even anxiety and depression.

Curious (C)

Examine the deepest depths of your mind to discover true equanimity and balance. Real happiness is not found in external things, but inside your mind. Through curiosity you can rewire your mind to find inner happiness instead of always reacting to the external world.

$1/month for the first month. Then $11.99/month afterwards.

Why Peach

User-Friendly Meditation.

Don’t stress. We’ll find the right tracks
and we’ll walk you through it. Just be
here and we’ll do the rest.

Meditation tailored
to you

Our meditation program progresses with you. So the deeper you go, the better you get at meditation.

Meditate anytime

Step away from your hectic day and ask Peach to give you a soothing meditation any time you need it.

You’ll love our sleep stories

Slow that racing mind by following guided stories layered with sleep-inducing audio beats.

Just 10 minutes a day

Learn how to walk the path of meditation. We guide you from Day 1 to advanced levels of meditation.

Simple & app-free

No clutter – no annoying interfaces. Just meditation texted automatically to your phone.

$1/month for the first month. Then $11.99/month afterwards.

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Sitting Meditation – Day 1

Your meditation journey

  • Learn how to be here and now
  • Eliminate stress
  • Improve focus
  • Start a new relationship with your emotions
  • Learn how to see them, accept them, and free them
  • See negative thoughts as visitors
  • Say hello to them, and then let go
  • Get out of your autopilot mode and start to own your life.
  • Master the art of taking action
  • Develop habits and achieve results!

$1/month for the first month. Then $11.99/month afterwards.