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The Benefits of Mindful Meditation

A regular meditation practice can offer older adults numerous physical, mental, and emotional health benefits including:

Reduce stress

Meditation can help you cope with symptoms like tension headaches, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain as well. Some treatment centers even recommend using meditation to cope with chronic illnesses and their resulting treatments.

Better Pain Tolerance

Meditating regularly and consistently— even if only for a few minutes at a time — will train your mind to accept what’s happening inside and outside instead of fighting it.

Better Focus

As we age, it is possible to get caught up in the past, whether it was a glorious one or a traumatic one. However, being able to focus on the present is crucial in order to live your life to the fullest. Mindful meditation helps refocus you on the life you are living at the moment.

Improved Memory and Creativity

Meditation can increase blood flow in the brain and improve memory. It reverses memory loss as we age, so in a way, our brain becomes younger.

It also helps bring out your creative side because it taps into your imaginative ability to bring different scenes to life. For example, if you are using live nature tracks during your meditation, the sounds can trigger your imagination to envision yourself in a forest, beach, waterfall, or even underwater swimming with dolphins.

The Peach Mind Method™

Awareness (A)

Awareness of thoughts and patterns that trigger automatic reactions is the first step to gaining control of your emotions. When allowing thoughts to pull your mind in many directions, it throws you off balance. Being aware of your inner states allow you to stay in the moment and prevent emotions from spiraling out of control. Awareness calms the mind, giving you time to accept what is and react positively to the moment.

Befriend (B)

Become a friend of your inner states to detach yourself from stimuli that trigger your mind to react in negative ways. It is not external events, but your reactions to them, that leads to agitation, anger, disappointment and even anxiety and depression.

Curious (C)

Examine the deepest depths of your mind to discover true equanimity and balance. Real happiness is not found in external things, but inside your mind. Through curiosity you can rewire your mind to find inner happiness instead of always reacting to the external world.

If one of these pillars are missing, your mind will wander off, ruining your concentration. The Peach Mind Method™ is simplifying the “ABC” of meditation into a step by step regimen. It helps you achieve a calm and balanced mind both during and after your meditation sessions.

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Research shows that meditation can result in a moderate reduction of psychological stress. Some studies have shown a difference in brain activity in people as they do their regular chores and everyday tasks and when they are in a reflective state of mind.

Grows With You

Peach is like your meditation coach that guides you with every step of the way. Each meditation is chosen for you based on your current mood, progress, and feedback.

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