Welcome to your new level!

New Stage, New You

Congratulations for making this far! Take a minute to be really proud of yourself!

In this level, each week, you’ll have more control over your meditation pace and the theme that you want to go deeper in at this moment.

So let’s start now with selecting how long and how much guidance you want in your meditation sessions this week.

Pick Your Meditation Track
Pick An Option
Good as the daily starters. Each session is 10 minutes. More meditation guidance is provided during the meditation sessions to help your mind settle to a quiet rhythm.
Good to get your mind a little deeper into concentration. Each session is 10-15 minutes. With moderate amount of guidance during meditation, you'll have more time to reflect on the current state of mind.
Each session is 15 - 20 minutes. These longer meditation sessions with less guidance allow you more time to meditate on your own and deepen your concentration.