Vintage Harmony Chime Ball Pendant

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Our Angel Charms Harmony Angel Caller Necklace is beautiful and unique, gorgeous design. The chime ball contains tiny brass xylophones that create a beautiful and relaxing sounds. The Bola Musical Pregnancy Pendant is more than just a necklace, it helps to bond mother and baby and keep baby comforted from 20 weeks pre-birth until well after birth. The necklace can also be used as a nursing necklace as baby can play with the pendant keeping baby awake to nurse.

Shake the chime pendant to call your guardian angel, it can bring peace and comfort to the wearer.

This beautiful handcrafted pendant makes a beautiful gift for any mum-to-be and can be worn before and long after baby is born.


Mexican Bola, also known as Harmony Ball, Pregnancy Chime or Angel Caller, was first worn by Mexican women for generations. It can make musical chime sound with movement, creating a relaxing effect.

For Pregnancy Mum, this is a perfect gift which can help lightening expectant mothers’ anxious mood when pregnancy. It can also help mums doing antenatal training, as babies in belly can hear sounds around from about 20 weeks gestation. As babys grows, they will be familiar with this sound, so mums can use the chime ball pendant to comfort them after they born.

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  • Material: Silver Plated on copper, gold plated on copper
  • Color: Gold Dark Blue, Silver Light Blue, Gold Light Blue
  • Necklace Style: Wax leather cord
  • Ball size : 20mm | 0.8in
  • Necklace Size: 30 in | 76cm, 40 in | 114cm

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