Virtues Trinity Hematite Necklace

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“When the mind knows itself and loves itself, there is a trinity, a trinity of knowledge, love and awareness.” – Lombard

This Virtues Trinity Hematite Necklace helps to provide calm, aid decision making and increase mindfulness.

The Hematite pendant, an iron oxide, has a brush steel finish. Combined with matte-black,  Magnetic Hematite and Tiger’s Eye beads.

Eight oval beads throughout the necklace are crafted from magnetic hematite – known for its use in healing pain and aiding blood flow, this powerful stone is also great for relieving headaches, cramps and spinal problems.

This, among other complexities, is where the triangle symbol meaning of creation/creativity is stemmed. Each side and corner sings out a melody, and their combination in form creates a marvelous harmonic orchestration.

The pendant’s triangle shape is an ancient symbol of unity, with the downward-pointing triangle being representative of grounding Earth and Water elements.

Hematite is heralded for helping to reduce negative energy by calming emotions and mental stress, allowing you to be more mindfulness in the moment.

Tigers Eye is known as a ‘power’ stone – providing strength and helping with perspective and focus.

Paired together, Hematite and Tigers Eye can help the wearer to be calm and focussed, freeing the mind up to make decisions more easily.

  • Pendant size:  3.5cm / 1.37 Inches
  • Bead Size: 6mm
  • Necklace Length: 60cm / 23.6 Inches
  • Weight: 48 Grams

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