The Tibetan Buddhist Enlightenment Bracelets – 6 Distinct Colors


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This Tibetan Buddhist Protection bracelet is part of our Buddhist Blessed Bracelet Collection. Every piece is braided with mindfulness and compassion by Buddhist monks during their chanting session, which brings spiritual healing energies to its wearer. The different colors of the bracelet have profound meaning in the Buddhist tradition. In Tibet, Its six colors are believed to represent the colors of the aura emanated from the body of Buddha when he attained enlightenment.

We recommend wearing this bracelet on the left wrist to fully absorb its spiritual benefits as the left side of the body, in Buddhist tradition, is believed to be the receiving side.

Select the color of your favorite healing benefits:

  • Red symbolizes lifeforce, preservation, fire, and sacred things or places. Also riddled with duality, fire can represent warmth and comfort, but can also be a destructive force. Red is associated with the Buddha Amitabha. Throughout Tibetan culture, red is a marker of sacred areas, and a true mark of a Buddhist scared area is the simplistic, tall gates at the entrances. We also see this color on the garments on the monks. It is believed to be a protective color, like that of shamanistic wards.
  • Yellow and Coral are the colors that possess the highest symbolic quality because of the saffron color of the monks’ robes. Previously a color worn by criminals, it was chosen as a symbol of humility and separation from materialistic society. It symbolizes renunciation and desirelessness. Because it is also the color of the earth, yellow/coral color denotes stability and grounded nature.
  • The Deep Blue is represented by lapis lazuli. For some time, lapis lazuli surpassed the diamond in value. The stone is a representation of all things pure and rare. The finest of the stones are visually comparable to the night sky alive with stars, and can be polished to possess high reflective quality.
  • Light Green denotes youth, vigor, action (Karma), and harmony. Because it is the color in the middle of the spectrum, it also represents balance and is associated visually with the lush trees. Green is associated with the Buddha Amoghasiddhi.
  • Black in Buddhism is not so different from Western Culture in that it refers to darkness and hate. Meditating upon hate, anger, and darkness may not seem like the path to peace, but the principle revolves around coming to an understanding. Learning, rather than reveling in the black of ignorance, is the path to clarity and truth. Black is often used as a reminder of conquest by not annihilation, but turning evil into good.

Product details

  • Handmade using Tibetan Wool Thread.
  • The length is 6 – 8.5″ | 16 – 22cm and adjustable.
  • As this bracelet is not water-proof, we do not recommend wearing it in the shower, bath or swimming pool.

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