Spiritual Healing Rhodonite 108 Malas [3 variants]

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Our Spiritual Healing Rhodonite 108 Malas are also called yoga prayer beads. You will be at the top of the fashion by just wearing it as a bracelet or necklace because they are just so beautiful.  Having it with you will also improve your Aura around granting you positive energy at all times.

Do wear it during your usual yoga session and meditation. Malas help to make the special connection between your mind, body, and soul allowing you to obtain a much higher self. Depending on the beads you are using, it would have different benefits

About Rhodonite

Rhodonite beads used is highly recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to center during stressful times. It is a crucial “first aid stone” for calming emotional shock and panic, and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues. 

  • The lotus flower is the symbol of the realization of being
  • Buddha is a sacred symbol of peace of mind, serene and tranquil energies to create a zen space
  • OM is a powerful charm for pure exalted body, speech, and mind of the enlightened Buddha

Product Details

  • Highly handmade using top quality Rhodorite Stone
  • Clasp Type: Hidden-safety-clasp
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy


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