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Peach Mindfulness is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children in Africa and Southeast Asia. With every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing essential support and resources to children in need in these regions.


This beautiful natural Red Striped Agate Bracelet is entirely hand-made and is created to bring you limitless creativity.

A Crystal Message about the Healing Properties of Red Banded Agate: “I go with the flow and am easily able to tap into the limitless energy of my creativity.”

Common Healing Properties of Red Banded Agate:

🔸 Promotes physical grounding
🔸 Enhances your connection to the physical realm
🔸 Helps you draw what you need from the limitless Universal energy that surrounds you
🔸 Reduces negativity
🔸 Encourages creativity
🔸 Helps you appreciate your sense of humor
🔸 Allows you to go with the flow, even during difficult times
🔸 Enhances your divine feminine power
🔸 Promotes protection
🔸 Encourages stability
🔸 Harmonizes your Yin & Yang energies
🔸 Enhances physical strength
🔸 Balances positive and negative emotions
🔸 Assists you while you work with universal forces and energies in magic and ritual

Colors: Swirly, translucent bands of red-orange, gray, and white

Associated Chakras: 1st (Root), 2nd (Sacral)

Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Aries

Length: 6.3in – 9.4in | 16cm – 24cm (Adjustable)

Beads Diameter: 0.15in | 4mm

Clasp Type: Sliding Braided String

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in

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