Rainbow Jasper Stress-free Bracelet


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This beautiful bracelet is carefully handmade using natural Jasper stone and lava beads. The seven colors of this Rainbow Jasper Stress-Free Bracelet match with the seven colors of your chakras to provide healing and protection against stress and tension. Think of clearing some jammed up energies today? This seven chakra bracelet will work to enhance both your style and spirit!

  • Jasper is a supreme absorber of negative energies.
  • Helps balance yin/yang energy, emotional strength, and enhance self-confidence.
  • Protects and balances your seven chakras.
  • Lava stone is considered as a warrior’s stone. It brings calm under pressure and has stabilizing and protective healing properties.

This Rainbow Jasper Stress-free Bracelet is not sold in store. Grab yours NOW and enjoy our 50% OFF in limited times.

Product details

    • Material: Main bead Jasper, support beads Lava Stone 
    • Full Handmade by finest artisans.
    • Size: Regular: 7.1in | 18cm; Large: 7.7in | 19.5cm (elastic) 

    Additional information

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