Buddhist Blessed Compassion Bracelet


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Peach Mindfulness supports the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF), our nonprofit sister organization that helps underserved communities in becoming global ambassadors for ancient wisdom.


These beautiful Buddhist Blessed Compassion Bracelet are handmade by Buddhist Monks and their families. The knots are tied as they recite mantras to allow the bracelets to absorb the powerful energy such that the positive energy can flow into its bearer.

About Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated over and over again during meditation. Using mantra for meditation involves a lot more than just sounding like a broken record. They’re generally sacred in nature – a name or sound that both uplifts you and helps keep you focused during meditation. In other words, they’re designed to change you.

Chakra color

This bracelet features 3 colors of our chakras. You may know, in alternative medicine, color psychology is used from ancient time to energize or shift the energy in your chakras.

  • Red: Associated to the Root chakra, red is a very physical color. It promotes a feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth. This color brings to mind thoughts and feelings of survival and instinct. Red can make you feel alert, vigilant and primal.
  • Orange: Associated to Sacral Chakra, orange is an energizing and creative color. It promotes a feeling of warmth and security. This color brings to mind thoughts and feelings of passion, pleasure, and sexuality. Orange can make you feel sensual, safe and abundant.
  • Yellow: Associated to Solar Plexus, yellow is a strong emotional color. It promotes a feeling of being confident and friendly. This color brings to mind thoughts and feelings of courage, optimism, and selfesteem. Yellow can make you feel stimulated, prepared and capable.

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    • Length: from 3.9″ to 7.8″ (10 to 20 cm), adjustable
    • Materials: Tibetan Cord
    • Handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhist monks

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