Love & Pleasure Arrowhead Earrings


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Peach Mindfulness supports the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF), our nonprofit sister organization that helps underserved communities in becoming global ambassadors for ancient wisdom.


This drop earring in arrowhead shape is designed inspiring the symbol of the native American Indians’ spiritual beliefs and rituals. It features a high-end look that brings to its wearer the gentle and warm energy of love and pleasure. Moreover, the power of the arrowhead is harnessed by combining with the Rose Quartz piece carved in its symbolic shape.

✔ The arrowhead was worn by most talisman around their neck to ward off the Evil Eye. It symbolized courage, strength, and protection. Native Americans believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the wearer to absorb their enemy’s power.  

✔ The beautiful pink color of Rose Quartz would influence people’s hearts in a good way. This gemstone can increase the owner’s love and give a good influence to others. It is mainly used for love luck or wishes related to human relationships. Rose Quartz is also good for people who want more self-confidence. By fulfilling your heart, you can be more positive. Rose Quartz would give hope to your life and help you make a brighter future.

Features & Specifications

✔ Material: Rose Quartz, Metal
✔ Artisan Full Handmade
✔ Size: Around 4.5 cm

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

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