Magic & Mystery Heart Of Dragon Necklace

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Affirmation “I am attuned to the magic of the universe”

If you are familiar with the Magician card of the Tarot, it is a good corollary to labradorite. Magic is using mental and spiritual energy to transform consciousness. It includes psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance, divination, astral projection, and communication with spirit entities. But this is a realm which requires self-mastery and harnessing one’s intentions. This is not wishing or dreaming–it is conscious, focused work. Labradorite helps you do this work.

Labradorite facilitates awareness of multiple layers of reality at the same time; thus it is a good stone for shamanic work and those working with the Akashic records. Labradorite is a protective crystal for doing this work, keeping your aura strong and blocking intruders. It can also help you remember your experiences while journeying in other realms, or recall past life memories.


  1. Wear labradorite as a necklace or jewelry for ongoing, everyday support.
  2. Place labradorite in your environment, to support specificactivities, like work.
  3. Meditate while holding labradorite to receive deep insight, guidance, and healing.

Product Details

  • Chain Type: Rope Chain

  • Metals Type: No
  • Shapepattern: Geometric
  • Material: Labradorite
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Pendant Size: About 0.8in x 1in | 2 x 2.5cm 

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