Encounter Milky Way rings


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“Between you and me
It may take only a moment to reach out
It takes many years to hold hands
If there is no fate
How can you meet in this life?
I walked through the spring, summer, autumn, and winter
Strolling in the vast expanse of the Milky Way

Looking for the embellishment in life”

The Encounter Milky Way rings showcase sparkling blue zirconia and gemstones against a blackened sky. Layered details and wavy cutouts add to the charm and mystery of these stackable rings. Wear one or stack them together for twice the enchantment! 

The Story Behind the Design: Each ring is made of blackened s925 sterling silver. The star of the small ring is blue zircon, and the other blue stars are man-made oil gemstones. Our design takes the universe as the main element, with the black coating symbolizing the dark space of the universe. Based on the legend of the Cowherd (symbolized by the star Altair) and the Weaver girl (star Vega), each ring has a main star. The tiny stars throughout the design symbolize all the people we may meet before meeting the right one.

  • High-grade sterling silver 925
  • Side stones are oil drippings
  • Elegant vintage antique style
  • Durable and highly-resilient bezel stone setting
  • High-end ultra fine brilliant zircon stone
  • Long-lasting premium quality black metal plating
  • Resizable 5-9 US 

 NOT available in stores

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