Modern Meditation Canvas Wall Art


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Peach Mindfulness supports the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF), our nonprofit sister organization that helps underserved communities in becoming global ambassadors for ancient wisdom.


A beautiful and elegant collection of modern meditation canvas wall art is the perfect addition to your walls. By adding these vibrant pieces to the space you will be able to enjoy a soothing and relaxing environment in your home or office space. As these canvas art pieces feature a colorful collaboration that brings forward the design in a different technique, you can enjoy a classic design in a modern setting.

Buddha is considered to be sacred, and a symbol of peace of mind. As its presence is known to help infuse a tranquil and serene sense and energy creating a zen space. While inspiring you to think before you act.

Lotus is one of the purest symbols on earth and holds a beautiful design. Grown in the muddy waters the lotus flowers bloom out to become a crisp white and clean flower that does not reflect on its roots. With the natural symbol of purity, you can enjoy a pure body, mind, and speech.

The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Buddhist symbol. It is a widely known talismanic symbol that is believed to protect the user from harm caused by the evil eye. Additionally, it brings happiness, good health, luck, and good fortune.


  • Feature: Waterproof Ink
  • Frame: Not Included
  • Material: Canvas
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