Handmade Thin Stone Bracelets


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Peach Mindfulness is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children in Africa and Southeast Asia. With every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing essential support and resources to children in need in these regions.


Our handmade thin stone bracelets are a beautiful part of our handmade collection. In this collection, each stone is hand polished to form a perfect finish that will help add a gorgeous addition to your style. These thin stone bracelets are available in three different styles. The first one holds the lapis lazuli stone, the second features the red tiger eye, and the third is crafted using the obsidian stone. Additionally, there is a fourth option that carries all three stones.

Each bracelet brings forward a unique design and stone that is paired with little nuts that are crafted using 24K gold. These add a charming addition to the design so you can enjoy a one of a kind bracelet that is crafted just for you.

Lapis Lazuri considered as the stone of wisdom and royalty can help gear the wearer’s wisdom to its highest level. With this stone of nobility, you can protect what is yours and attract wealth your way. One of four stones that will give its life to save yours.

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone that can help the wearer release their fears and anxiety while aiding them using harmony and balance. Wearing the tiger eye helps arouse action, and helps in making well-calculated decisions that are not clouded by your emotional side.

Black obsidian stone is a powerful cleanser that helps clear your aura. So you can get rid of the psychic smog and put your natural talents into high gear.


  • Feature: Handmade
  • Length: 14 cm-20 cm adjustable
  • Material: 3 mm faced Crystal stone
  • Metal: Silver plated 24k golden
  • Package: Eco-envelope.

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