Natural Aromatherapy incense Stick


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Peach Mindfulness supports the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF), our nonprofit sister organization that helps underserved communities in becoming global ambassadors for ancient wisdom.


Our aromatherapy sticks offer a range of scents that offer a range of benefits. To help you get a better understanding of the advantages read below.

Rose aromatherapy sticks offer a soothing and relaxing sensation to your spirit, along with that it helps improve your dry skin and boost skin care.

Jasmine aromatherapy sticks help with emotional stability, increasing self-confidence, and regulating the hormone balance that is related to your skin.

Green Tea aromatherapy sticks come with an ant-caner, anti-aging feature. Additionally, they can help prevent cold, lower your cholesterol, and help break down fat.

Ocean aromatherapy sticks help encourage revitalization of your spirit.

Limonium aromatherapy sticks are ideal for boost your love and get your lover in the perfect mood.

Vanilla aromatherapy sticks can help calm you down, and boost anti-infective & anti-inflammatory.

Forests aromatherapy sticks offer a perfect refreshing experience, boost energy, and help naturally heal your kidney and spleen.

Cologne aromatherapy sticks can help prevent aging, reduce wrinkles, and leave you with an antibacterial effect.


  • Material: Natural Dried Flowers
  • Weight: 23 Grams
  • Length: 21 cm
  • Scent: Wormwood, Cedar, Sandalwood, Australian sandalwood, Aloes, Sin Chew incense                                          

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