Contemporary 6 tubes Wind Chimes


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Peach Mindfulness supports the Shah Education & Exploration Foundation (SEEF), our nonprofit sister organization that helps underserved communities in becoming global ambassadors for ancient wisdom.


Our sleek and elegant contemporary wind chimes feature a subtle design that is brought to life using aluminum tubes. This wind chime is designed to guide the energy flow in the right path by removing the blockages. Allowing you the opportunity to naturally enhance your overall luck factor.

If you place your wind chimes right outside the main door then you will be able to add good vibes inside your home or business each time someone comes in through the front door. Similarly, by placing the contemporary wind chimes in the south side of your home you can help attract popularity and fame. Which is why you must place the chimes where they will benefit you in the best possible way.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Tube Length: 7″ to 10.1″ / 18 cm to 26 cm
  • Tubes: 6

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Weight 0.192 kg

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