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Vibrant Jasper Color, High End look

Life should be colorful and expressive and its best paired with a one-of-a-kind style. After all—you’re a true original!

The multi colors of this Jasper stone bracelet match with the seven colors of your chakras to provide healing and protection against stress and tension. Think of clearing some jammed up energies today? This seven chakra bracelet will work to enhance both your style and spirit!

Harness healing and improve your mood with this Jasper stone expressive bracelet. 

  • Jasper is a supreme absorber of negative energies.
  • Helps balance yin/yang energy, emotional strength, and enhance self-confidence.
  • Protects and balances your seven chakras.

Worn by shamans, priests, and kings, this healing gemstone was considered a sacred and powerful protection aid. 

The multi colors of this Jasper stone bracelet match with the seven colors of your chakras to provide healing and protection. Want to clear some jammed up energies today? This seven chakra bracelet will work to enhance both your style and spirit!

🔥 Don’t miss out on the chance to take a nudge on your positivity. Add this bracelet to your cart now before our stock runs out!

We ensure the highest stone quality

Because our bracelets are made from genuine and natural stones, colors and shape will slightly vary from each produced bracelet. Each piece is a beautifully handmade, one of a kind item.

All of our natural stone bracelets were hand checked for the highest quality and made thoughtfully from environment-friendly materials, using our unparalleled finishing techniques.


  • 100% handmade by our finest craftsmen
  • Using high-grade Jasper Stones
  • Genuine Leather Cord Clasp Type: Easy-hook
  • Length: 16cm, 17cm | 6.2in, 6.7in (adjustable with 3 closures)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How long does it take to receive these once ordered?
    Answer: For our standard shipping time, our best sellers shipped within the USA ETA usually takes 7-10 business days from shipping date. For any other items shipped within the USA, delivery will take 2-3 weeks from shipping date. For outside US address, the parcel may take up to 4 – 5 weeks before it is delivered depending on customs clearance. 🙏

    Question: Just curious? Which stone is Jasper?
    Answer: This bracelet is made of genuine leather cord and natural stones. So all of the stones are Jasper. In fact, each stone is carefully selected to reflect a specific color of the seven chakras.

    Question: How many colors?
    Answer: Because the bracelet is made from natural stones, it’s hard to say how many colors it has, but numbers of colors are at least seven, corresponding to seven chakra colors of our body. You can also refer to The seven colors of the Chakras part above to discover in details these colors and their benefits.

    Question: I need clarification on the length. Is the 7″ or 8″ the length from stone to stone or does it include the closure part?
    AnswerThe lengths are total from end to end of the bracelet and it can still be adjusted to fit a smaller wrist.

    Question: When you are looking at the different sizes, is the 7 inch at the largest closure or the smallest closure?
    AnswerThe size would be the largest closure so it can still be adjusted to a smaller one. You may also create more knots on the rope as you wish.

    Question: Will the bracelet be as bright and colorful as this one in the picture? I’m not interested in one that is dull and matte-like.
    Answer: You may check out the pictures sent by our customers below in Customer Review part to have a realistic look of the bracelet.

    Question: Beautiful! Want badly, can this make a New Year gift?
    Answer: This bracelet will certainly be a wonderful gift for any occasions when you want to send off good energy to a loved one. As the bracelet is in high demand, we would advise you to consider grabbing yours now before we sell out. Keep it to make a meaningful gift for a coming occasion!

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