Earth Stone Balance Bracelet

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Peach Mindfulness is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children in Africa and Southeast Asia. With every purchase you make, a portion of the proceeds goes towards providing essential support and resources to children in need in these regions.


This is one of our designer Yoga mala bracelets: A time-tested healing tool designed to help humans easily restore wholistic balance.

✔ Chrysocolla is said to have a goddess in it and to support human relationships. The meaning of Chrysocolla also includes true love. This gemstone helps you to convey your emotions with heartfelt expressions and to build better relationships. Chrysocolla is one of the most powerful gemstones for communication. This gemstone energizes your throat chakra. This power improves your self-expression skills and attracts people. If you deal with a healing work or if your work requires verbal communication, try Chrysocolla. This gemstone gives you courage and has a power to lead you.

Chrysocolla makes your heart honest. The meaning of Chrysocolla also includes an energy-receiver. It is recommended for those who want to receive important information in this world. This gemstone has the power to change the valuable information into your own interests. Chrysocolla has a very powerful healing energy and purifies negative energy. If you tend to produce slips of the tongue or to get nervous when speaking, Chrysocolla supports you.

✔ Moonstone is a gemstone that has the meaning and properties of strengthening your soul. It would enhance and increase the owner’s mental power. This gemstone is known for its luminous surface, and this light is a symbol of “moonlight.” It has been believed that it would balance the owner’s luck, just like the moon going around the earth constantly.

There are also bracelets and earrings at stores. If it is difficult for you to wear, straps or gemstones to hold in your hand would be nice, too. It is better to pray for hope with a Moonstone in your hand sometimes. You can feel the gentle power of Moonstone by doing meditation for a while.

✔ Picture Jasper has the meaning and properties of strengthening the owner’s creativity. It is a gemstone that can give you the power to create new value. You would be able to come up with free and new ideas without being afraid of failure. Picture Jasper is also used when you want to have a good image of success. Please use it to increase your motivation for creation.

✔ Lava Stone is known for its great healing power. This gemstone can increase and heal your energy at the same time. Lava is a popular gemstone for its well-balanced power of offense and defense. It is a gemstone that will be useful in many situations. Lava can gently heal the owner’s mind and feelings. This gemstone would also give you the energy to make progress for the future.


✔ A-grade genuine Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Picture Jasper and Lava Stone beads [8mm] ✔ Brass accents & upcycled hardwood spacers
✔ Professional-grade easy-to-wear stretch cord

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