7 Meditations For Bolstering Your Root Chakra – For Calm & Eliminating Fear


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7 quick and easy meditations and visualizations to help you connect with your root chakra and bring it to balance.

When your root chakra is blocked, it can lead to feeling unsafe and insecure. Root chakra meditation can be a powerful tool for keeping the energy flow of your root chakra open.

These 7 meditations are all about helping you to be grounded, to feel secure that your basic needs are met, and feel connected to your family and tribal consciousness in healthy ways.

You will gain lifetime access to 7 high-quality audio files, which you can download to your phone, iPad or computer. Listen to them in any order. The best time is before bed or right after you rise in the morning.

Added benefits to help improve sleep and release stress/anxiety related to this chakra.

Meditation #1 (10 minutes): Cleansing the root chakra.

Use visualization and breath techniques to connect and brighten up your root chakra. 

Meditation #2 (15 minutes): Interbeing.
Your connection between you and Mother Earth and with everything else is to show you that there’s nothing to be fear of as everything is taken care of for you and by you.
Meditation #3 (15 minutes): Letting Go Of The Past
Transition to live in the present moment. Begin yourself anew with breathing techniques.
Meditation #4 (15 minutes): Planning For The Future
It’s always good to be prepared, but without the cost of worries and stress. Learn how!
Meditation #5 (15 minutes): Fear Of Getting Old
We’re all getting old. So learn how to get over that fear and to stay young in the mind!
Meditation #6 (15 minutes): Fear Of Sickness
With the pandemic, we are all struck by sickness either personally or through the observation of someone else. Know that this is part of life and fear not!
Meditation #7 (15 minutes): Thriving Over Fear
Learn how to keep you fear, anxiety and stress in check with techniques from mindfulness, acceptance and positive affirmations.
BONUS Meditation #8 (10 minutes): 7 Chakra Balancing & Healing
Create harmony in all chakras and totally enjoy the effect of chakra cleansing.

It’s your foundation and represents your connection to the earth and our sense of ‘groundedness’ in life. If the root chakra were in nature, it would be the soil in which the seeds are planted. It’s the ‘ground floor’ of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

Chakras are essentially energy centers in our body. The word ‘chakra’ is borrowed from the Sanskrit language and means wheel or vortex. There are many different energy centers in the body, which are linked to different aspects of the mind, body and soul. The seven major chakras starts from our base and run all the way at the top of the head in a vertical line up our spine.

The seven major chakras include the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown chakras. The root chakra is located at the perineum, along the first three vertebrae, and extends down into our feet and legs.

These 7 meditations are all about helping you to be grounded, to feel secure that your basic needs are met, and feel connected to your family and tribal consciousness in healthy ways.

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