7 Chakra Harmony Bracelet

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This 7 Chakra Harmony Bracelet in A-grade natural stones (composed of 21 beads in 7 vivids colors) is designed to balance all seven chakras and brings harmony to the mind, body, and spirit of its wearer.

The chakra colors usually indicate the current emotional, spiritual and physical state of a human being. Therefore, they are vital to the human body. The chakra comprises of the main body organs and some bundles of nerves that keep flowing throughout the body. Mostly, there is a connection of colors and our body emotions. They are virtually in the form of a fluid, and if they block and stop moving, energy cannot flow in our bodies. It is because there is an intimate connection between the spirit, soul, the mind, and the whole body.

If the seven chakras in the body blocks, it can lead to serious illness. All of them play a significant role in maintaining a constant flow of energy entirely in the body to avoid imbalance. The chakras keep spinning according to the requirements of the body. We learn about the state of our body through different chakra colors. For instance, if you see a particular color, like green or orange, the body displays different emotions. The colors have a striking effect on our minds because when you look directly at the rainbow, there is clear indication of calmness after a massive storm. Therefore, we can refer color as a universal language.


Color / Crystal Association: Red, Red Agate
Associations: Survival, standing up for yourself, financial independence, security
Imbalances: Fatigue, low back pain, depression, cold hands and feet
Healing: Exercise and restful sleep, red food and drink, red gemstones and clothing, red essential oils (ylang-ylang or sandalwood)


Color / Crystal Association: Orange, Tiger Eye
Location: Lower abdomen below navel
Associations: Feelings, ability to be social, pleasure, sexuality, well-being
Imbalances: Alcohol and drug abuse, depression, allergies, yeast infections, urinary problems, sexual problems
Healing: Massage, orange food and drink, orange gemstones & clothing, red essential oils


Color / Crystal Association: Yellow, Amber Resine
Location: Upper abdomen, stomach area
Associations: Personal power, self-confidence, self-control, humor, intellect
Imbalances: Digestive problems, diabetes, constipation, memory loss
Healing: Learning, doing puzzles, detoxing, yellow food and drink, yellow gemstones and clothing, yellow essential oils (lemon)


Color / Crystal Association: Green, Imperial Jasper
Location: Center of the chest, above the heart
Associations: Ability to love, joy, inner peace
Imbalances: Heart and breathing issues, breast cancer, high blood pressure, muscle tension
Healing: Family time, spending time with nature, green food and drink, green gemstones & clothing, green essential oils (pine or eucalyptus)


Color / Crystal Association: Blue, Turquoise
Location: Throat
Associations: Communication, relationships, trust, loyalty
Imbalances: Thyroid problems, hormonal issues, fever, menopause, mood swings
Healing: Singing, conversations, collecting, blue food and drink, blue gemstones and clothing, blue essential oils (chamomile)


Color / Crystal Association: Indigo, Lapis Lazuli
Location: Forehead, between the eyes
Associations: Intuition, imagination, ability to make decisions, psychic abilities
Imbalances: Learning disabilities, sleeping disorders, imbalance
Healing: Watch the stars, meditation, indigo food and drink, indigo gemstones and clothing, indigo essential oils (patchouli)


Color / Crystal Association: Violet, Amethyst
Location: Top of the head
Associations: Ability to connect spiritually, knowingness, spirituality, connection to God
Imbalances: Headaches, mental illness, senility, lack of coordination, rashes
Healing: Focus on dreams, writing down inventions, violet food and drink, violet gemstones and clothing, violet essential oils (lavender)

Start your day with happiness and keep your body-mind-spirit in balance by clicking on “Add to Cart” to get your 7 chakra harmony bracelet en natural stones.


Bead size: 8mm
Length: 7.5in | 18.5CM (elastic)

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