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Who created Peach?

Quyen Balter
Quyen BalterCertified Meditation Teacher by the IMMA.
Quyen has had insomnia since she was 10 years old. She started meditation because it helps her to get back to sleep. Quyen is a mindful techie who knows the simple ways to bring technology and mindfulness to the masses.

Having putting hours of research on different meditation styles of the Eastern tradition, her meditation experience is influenced by the teachings from three elder Buddhist monks, one of whom is Venerable Thich Hanh Duc, her Dharma teacher.

Quyen lives with her husband and two young sons in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Besides better sleep, meditation helps her to be a mindful parent and a better listener in her marriage.

Venerable Thich Hanh Duc, Ph.D
Venerable Thich Hanh Duc, Ph.DZen Buddhist Monk, Peach's Content Advisor
Venerable Thich Hanh Duc, Ph.D, is a Zen Buddhist monk and the abbot at Tay Phuong Monastery in Savage, Minnesota. He spends most of his time teaching the Dharma and meditation at his home temple, as well as across the US and India.

He entered the Sangha at the age of 11 and began his study at the Buddhist Academy in Central Vietnam in 1982. He then went on to India to continue his studies in Buddhism and graduated with a Master and Doctor of Philosophy at the University of New Delhi.

Like Quyen, he believes in bringing mindfulness to the masses through the power of technology.

Free Sample

Sitting Meditation – Day 1

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With Peach, Your Meditations Get Better.
Every Single Day.

At Peach, your personalized meditation sessions are put together by a team of expert mindfulness coaches.
Each session is meant to be progressive, helping you get more and more out of your daily 10 minute meditations.

Better Your Mind. Better Your Life.

Here’s what you can expect in 4 months of meditations with Peach.

Month 1

The Now

Be in the now, focusing on your current state of mind

Month 2

At One With
Your Feelings

Identify, acknowledge and appreciate your feelings.

Month 3


Consciously let negative thoughts simply pass on by.

Seeing The Good Side

Month 4


Live every moment mindfully, with winning thoughts and habits.

What People Are Saying About Us

I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously and they did not help. The quick 10 minute meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful workday.

Daniel B.

I don’t have much experience meditating, but I love the Peach guided morning meditations. It helps me start the day feeling calmer and more grounded. I meditate with Peach after my morning workouts and even during my walks. Definitely recommend!

Amanda H.

I am really enjoying and hooked to meditation after many years with Peach Mindfulness! Love its simplicity, the music, the bell, and the 10 minutes version is just perfect for me every morning.

Sabina S.

The morning meditation sessions are simple and they give me a sense of calm and focus. I learned something cool: the art of resting!

Jason R.

I like the idea of getting the meditation through text messages. It meets me where I am.

Ann T.

I’ve tried other meditation apps with little success, but getting a text message from Peach each day is like getting a reminder from a friend. It keeps me on track and has helped me to develop a daily routine. 
I love Peach!

Leslie V.

Meditation for You

Sound Sleep – Find a way to invite restful sleep that helps you rejuvenate your body and mind.
Happiness – Happiness is a state of mind, and meditation can help you discover it.
Energy – Unearth energy levels you never knew existed within you.
Eliminate Stress & Anxiety – Free yourself from the heavy chains of constant stress and anxiety.
Mental Focus – Enhance mental acuity, to work better, study better and perform anything better.
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