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Meditation Made Simple

Simple, easy-to-do meditations. Sent right to your phone through text messages.

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Only 10-minutes a day.
Skip the scroll and overwhelm of meditation choices.

Better Every Day

Our sessions progress with you day by day.
The deeper you go, the better you get.

Get Mindfulness Into Your Day

The mornings and nights are the most important times of your day. That’s why we make sure you set them up with mindfulness.

10 Minutes A Day

Learn how to meditate. Easy to follow steps.
Be guided to go from beginner to intermediate
and advanced levels.

Mindfulness Experience

Listen anywhere Meditation stories + Relaxing music.
Designed to enlighten your day with great energy.

Sleep Stories

Nowhere else would you find the same stories.
Meditation techniques combined with sleep-inducing binaural beats.
Clear up thoughts and ease into sleep… effortlessly.

85% of our users

saw an improvement in their sleep quality during the first 7 days.

93% of our users

saw a positive effect on their mood and behaviors in the first 7 days.

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What People Are Saying About Us

“This story and message was AMAZING. I listened to it as I drove to work this morning and I’ve been having the most positive day, truly.”

- Chelsea -

“The sleep stories got me quickly fall asleep every night.  The voice and imagery are very relaxing.”

- Leah -

“I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously and they did not help. The quick 10 minute meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful workday.”

- Jason -

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