Keep your inner smile on!

We text. You meditate.

Peach makes meditation a no-brainer.

Never miss a meditation

Sent To You

At the time you choose.
Like a reminder from a friend.

Selected For You

To fit with your meditation level and goal.
Only 10 minutes a day.

Better Every Day

Progresses you from basic to advanced.
So the deeper you go, the better you get.

Preview of the next 4 months.

Month 1 

Being Present

  • Learn how to be here and now
  • Eliminate stress
  • Improve focus

Month 2

Unrolling Feelings

  • Start a new relationship with your emotions
  • Learn how to see them, accept them, and free them

Month 3

Balancing Thoughts

  • See negative thoughts as visitors
  • Say hello to them, and then let go
Seeing The Good Side

Month 4

Mastering Intentions

  • Get out of your autopilot mode and start to own your life.
  • Master the art of taking action
  • Develop habits and achieve results!

Meditation for You

Happiness – Happiness is a state of mind, and meditation can help you discover it.
Energy – Unearth energy levels you never knew existed within you.
Sound Sleep – Find a way to invite restful sleep that helps you rejuvenate your body and mind.
Eliminate Stress & Anxiety – Free yourself from the heavy chains of constant stress and anxiety.
Mental Focus – Enhance mental acuity, to work better, study better and perform anything better.