Overwhelmed with meditation options? Or can’t find time to meditate?
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We text. You meditate.

Peach simplifies your path to mindfulness.

  • Stay consistent. Meditation delivered right to your phone daily.

  • Save time on choosing from hundreds of meditation options.

  • Start your day in a good mood.

  • Relax at night with a good sleep.

Never miss a meditation

Sent To You

Through text messages.
Like the reminder from a friend.

Selected For You

Only 10 minutes a day.
Fits in your busy schedule.

Better Every Day

Personalized to progress with you.
So the deeper you go, the better you get.

How Does It Work?

We prepare your meditation sessions.

Every day, we prepare a morning meditation to start your day feeling positive and focused.

We check in with you

Just like having your own coach, we’ll send you a quick text weekly to ensure you are on the right path.

We text the meditations to you.

We text you a meditation session a day right to your phone. Just click on it and be ready to meditate right away.

You can access the past meditations

You have access to all the past meditations through a membership board. So you can go back to them whenever you need to meditate.

Life Changes For The Better With Peach

I tried a bunch of other meditation apps previously and they did not help. The quick 10-minute meditations are amazing. Got me back to relaxed mode quickly during my stressful workday.

Daniel B.

I don’t have much experience meditating, but I love the Peach guided morning meditations. It helps me start the day feeling calmer and more grounded. I meditate with Peach after my morning workouts and even during my walks. Definitely recommend!

Amanda H.

I am really enjoying and hooked to meditation after many years with Peach Mindfulness! Love its simplicity, the music, the bell, and the 10 minutes version is just perfect for me every morning.

Sabina S.

The morning meditation sessions are simple and they give me a sense of calm. I learned something cool: the art of resting!

Grant R.

Mindfulness Is A Journey. Here’s A Path We’ve Designed For You

A preview of the first 4 months.

Unlike most meditation apps, our sessions are personalized to progress with you day by day. This is the benefit one can get from working with a life coach. With Peach, you can get this benefit without spending hundreds of dollars.

Month 1 

Being Present

  • Learn how to be here and now
  • Eliminate stress
  • Improve focus

Month 2

Unrolling Feelings

  • Start a new relationship with your emotions
  • Learn how to see them, accept them, and free them

Month 3

Balancing Thoughts

  • See negative thoughts as visitors
  • Say hello to them, and then let go
Seeing The Good Side

Month 4

Mastering Intentions

  • Get out of your autopilot mode and start to own your life.
  • Master the art of taking action
  • Develop habits and achieve results!

Designed to be the simplest path to mindfulness.

Meet All The Features That Make It Possible…

  • Guided Meditations Created By Experts
    Each meditation track we send to you is carefully crafted by a team of experts who have researched and transferred the deep experience of the venerable Buddhist monks with decades of practice right to you.

  • Start Each Day With A New Meditation
    You’ll no longer need to manually search for meditation tracks. The meditations are selected based on your progress and current life situation to guide you on the path to joy and mindfulness. Just put your headphones, and follow the guided meditation.

  • Daily Reminder
    Once you get started with Peach, your days will always start with a positive mood and end with relaxation. That’s because Peach will send you a text when it’s time to meditate – so you won’t forget to meditate.

  • Membership Board
    After each day, you can still access the past meditations through a membership board. Whenever you need to meditate, you can access them quickly and easily.

  • 100+ Bonus Tracks
    In addition to your daily meditations, you also gain access to 100+ tracks of meditation music and binaural beats. Each of the tracks is designed to clear up mind fog and help the brain relax.

Peach Vs. Other Mindfulness Apps

We are a different kind of meditation service.

Peach Mindfulness

  • The session is selected for you each day. Just click on the link sent to you, put your headphone and relax.

  • You are focused and satisfied. All you need to feel calm and centered is to do one easy and guided meditation a day.

  • We text your meditation to your phone. It’s simple. No app installation, no clutter.

  • You get a mindfulness journey personalized to you.

  • Monthly affordable subscription. And you can cancel anytime.

Calm or Headspace apps

  • You need to manually select the track on your own. It takes minutes or hours before you can start meditating.

  • You are distracted and overwhelmed. You spend more time navigating through meditation options than actually meditating.

  • Are app-based, which means they are prone to errors and bugs. Plus, they suck batteries out of your phone.

  • No guidance on a path and journey for you. You are more likely to get lost on the way.

  • Require you to pay a year in advance.

I’ve tried other meditation apps with little success, but getting a text message from Peach each day is like getting a reminder from a friend. It keeps me on track and has helped me to develop a daily routine. 
I love Peach!

Leslie V.

5 Things That You’ll Love About Peach

You are consistent.

Peach helps you stay consistent with your meditation by coaching you, reminding you and encouraging you to meditate.

You are ready.

With Peach, you are always ready to meditate every morning. We’ll text your meditation session, so you can start meditation immediately.

You are the focus.

Unlike most meditation apps, every meditation session you’ll get is designed and selected to fit your current mood and life situation.

10 minutes a day is all it takes.

Each session is only 10-minutes long, easily fitting into your daily schedule.

Designed for results that don’t disappear.

We want you to get great results now – and keep getting better month after month.

I like the idea of getting the meditation through text messages. It meets me where I am.

Anna T.

Listen to Katherine’s story

One Sunday afternoon, Katherine left the house feeling something was not right.

She just got off the phone with Matt, her older son. Matt, had just revealed on a phone call that the money she’d given him months ago, her life savings, was likely lost in a failed investment.

This news, combined with her husband John’s recent death from cancer, unleashed a torrent of past regrets.
As she rushed out of the house, she locked herself out in her panic.

She thought of Jason, her younger son, who had been diagnosed with autism as a child. Standing in the cold Minnesotan weather, she now felt hopeless.

How can she keep supporting Jason with little money left? Questions about the future kept popping up in her mind until Matt came to rescue her.

A few days later, she experienced excruciating leg pain and was diagnosed with severe arthritis, requiring surgery.

But medication for the pain raised her blood glucose and her chance of getting a heart attack in the future.

That was when Katherine decided to research to find a non-medication way to treat her stress and pains. Deep inside, she felt a connection between all of her current health conditions and the mounting stress she had been experiencing lately.

About a year ago, she had heard from a friend about Peach’s mindfulness program, through a friend who had used it and said it had really helped him cope with the anxiety and depression after his wife passed away.

The program was based on the ancient wisdom of Yoga Nidra, a non-sleep deep rest method combined with mindfulness.

It was one of the secrets of the superhuman efficiency and energy of many great yogis, past and present, who had managed to achieve so much in one lifetime.

Having been a nurse, Katherine was used to researching health programs.

After many hours of digging, she found numerous research studies on the two methods that showed they had helped thousands of people with stress relief, pain management and blood glucose regulations, all the conditions she’s searching a non-medication solution for.

Katherine was committed to starting the program. It gave her hope for her condition as she dreaded surgery and more medications in addition to her current treatment.

Combined with using crystals for healing, Katherine saw results after the first three days.

The pains in her leg started to subside. After a week, her blood pressure numbers looked better. And at her regular doctor’s checkup three months after that, to her surprise, her blood glucose level had come back to normal.

And the best thing was: she was finally able to sleep through the night with relief.