Sometimes rumination runs in your mind when you make a mistake, causing you to feel like a failure. You wanted to act confident, but instead cringed when someone called your name to stand up. And you blame yourself for not having the courage 😫. Your relationship is falling out and you think you could have done better only if you had chosen a different path. All of these events are possible to happen. Things can go wrong, people around you can also wrong you. When they do, they bring you down, making you wish that they had happened differently.

But remember trees. No matter how strong and sturdy a tree is, its foundation is deeply rooted in dirt. What fertilizes the dirt is the compost that is broken down from all the waste that people no longer want. All the pain and failure that you receive today can be viewed as the waste to be transformed into compost, the organic material that nurtures your growth tomorrow.

So the next time when you are down, ask yourself if you can make use of the negative event or situation. Use it to help you connect with reality, learning your lesson, learning to pat yourself on the back for having recognized your feelings albeit painful ones and move on. Just like the tree that needs a fertilized ground, use all the dirt and waste that you got as the base for you to grow and thrive.

Like a peach, life is sweetest when you take a moment to appreciate it.

Start every morning with a sweet Peach morning and relax at night with a soothing sleep story.